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Multiple Updates Today: I went

Monday, April 29th, 2002 by Ian

Multiple Updates Today:

  • I went to Edmonton for my last APEGGA coucil meeting on Wednesday. So, I am no longer a councillor. Oh well. It was fun (sorta). I flew up there on a little Metroliner (52 inch culvert with wings) that flies directly to/from the Edmonton Municipal Airport. It was pretty nice not to have to drive.

  • The truck got moved to a different mechanic. The first one felt they were in over their heads and didn’t REALLY know what to do with it, so it’s no at an engine repair shop. They say the pressure in the crank-case is normal (If it were REALLY a problem, oil would be spitting out the dip-stick hole. It’s not.) The timing chain tensioner is doing nothing at all. Just hanging there making noise. Further, they discovered that the end if the cam shaft where the timing sprocket goes on is cracked, so I need a new cam shaft too. Oh well. Gotta do it now!

Just truck news. I actually

Monday, April 22nd, 2002 by Ian

Just truck news. I actually found out Friday, but didn’t get around to posting it until now. It seems there is a crack in either the head, or head gasket. What was happening is that compression was (is) leaking into the crank-case, and thus pressurizing the whole engine. Untold grief then ensues. The way they finally discovered it, was by trying to take the oil cap off while the engine was running ( and making it’s noise). They couldn’t get it off. They finally used pliers and a bar, and when it came off it shot up to the roof, the engine came up about 300 RPM and the noise almost died away. I’m just sitting here waiting for the estimate now….

New truck update….Some good news,

Wednesday, April 17th, 2002 by Ian

New truck update….Some good news, some bad. They have not been able to pin down what is causing the noise yet, but they have made it worse. They ruled out the crankshaft bearings today though. That would have been VERY expensive. They narrowed it down to the value chain somewhere. Likely one of the middle two cylinders. They are having an engine “specialist” come look at it tomorrow morning. The strange part is that it LOOKS fine. No damage or wear that they can see….hmmmm….

Quinn had his very first

Tuesday, April 16th, 2002 by Ian

Quinn had his very first REAL dental work today. Needles and all. They removed some gum over an adult tooth that just wouldn’t break through. His mouth is a mess, but Shelley wanted me to say he was VERY BRAVE!

Here’s the current lowdown on

Tuesday, April 16th, 2002 by Ian

Here’s the current lowdown on the truck. They took the valve covers and timing chain cover off and started it up (with shields to catch and return spraying oil), and everything looks fine. Timing chain is pristene, no gear damage, signs of rubbing or anything, great oil pressure, but the noise persists. They can’t seem to pin down where it’s coming from, even though it’s quite loud! They have two clues: The first is that they see a small amount of air bubbling out around the hydrolics that push the timing chain tensioner in, and if they remove the air filter, the sound almost goes away! If anyone has ANY clues what this might be, feel free to give your opinion! So, the truck is still in the shop. They’re going to keep trying to figure it out.