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I need now, to report

Monday, April 14th, 2003 by Ian

I need now, to report GOOD NEWS!

Dylan was competing at Provincials the weekend (Trampoline and Double Mini-Trampoline) and did VERY well. He pulled off a 3rd in Tramp and a 2nd in DMT over two days of competition! He was one of the few kids who got marks over 30 (Out of 30, but it includes the “Degree of Difficulty”, which can drive the score over 30. Still not many kids get there). We are very proud of him!

That means he will be going not only to the “Western Canada Cup” this year like he did last year, but he will also be going to “The National Age Group Competition”. That’s a national competitionfor kids who are not yet “national” level, are at a national level for their division. He’s very excited as you can imagine. This year, Western’s are held in Calgary (our club is actually hosting) and the National Age Group stuff is in…….Saskatoon!

We made the Herald! No,

Thursday, April 10th, 2003 by Ian

We made the Herald!

No, I was not driving the car. I was a passenger! The kids in the picture are brothers and pretty much Quinn’s best friends. Zain (the one with the ice pack) bumped his head on the window frame, because he had it out the window when we hit.
If you look closely, right by the windshield of the police car, there is a brownish blob that is me in my Beaver Leader uniform.

I also taped a little 30 second blurb on the news. I need a less exciting life!

Well…guess what family was in

Tuesday, April 8th, 2003 by Ian

Well…guess what family was in a car accident tonight…

You guessed right! Us! Well, Quinn and I.

We were coming home from a Beaver outing to the Calgary Tower (NOT IN OUR CAR) when, at 17th Avenue and 1st Street a police car heading west (we were heading south) came through a red light, no siren or lights, and two of the Beaver group cars hit him. We hit the front quarter and the van to our left hit the rear quarter. A third carload of Beavers was in the next lane over and passed behind the police car. We had a green light for at least 10 seconds by the time he came through. He was driving into the sun, so the theory is that he didn’t see the red light. No one in our group was seriously hurt, but they took the police officer away on a backboard. He didn’t look too “damaged” but he was obviously very shaken up; in shock, sweating, puking. One kid (poor Zain) in the car I was in (his dad was driving), had his head out the window in the back when we hit, so he whacked his head on the window frame. He has a good goosebump, but he’s okay.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Not 20 seconds before the accident, I had looked around at Quinn in the back seat, and noticed he was wearing the seat belt shoulder strap behind him (Only the lap belt part restraining him). I told him that wasn’t the proper way to wear a seat belt, and he should get it on across his chest. So he fixed it. Moments later….whaw! Fate? Who knows, but kinda spooky none the less….

As we were leaving, a Calgary Herald reporter interviewed me, fine, whatever. Then the three local TV stations (A Channel, Global and CFCN) stuck cameras in my face and clipped mic’s on me and asked me to tell them what happened. It’s a little hard to make a meaningful “statement” after being in an accident and having three cameras in your face, so I probably sound like an idiot. I’m taping the news tonight to see if I end up on it….heh heh…