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Ah. It’s been about a

Wednesday, May 21st, 2003 by Ian

Ah. It’s been about a month so it must be time to report stuff. Mostly it’s just about Dylan.

In my last report, I told you that he was going to NAGS (National Age Groups). Well, he’s back! He had a good time, and did very well. Particularly in Double Mini Tramp; he was only two spots out of qualifying! Here’s the links to his results. Look in the 13-14 Age Groups…

Double Mini Tramp

He of couse feels terrible having not qualified for WAGS (WORLD Age Groups), but Shel and I are pretty proud that he made to where he did. He doesn’t yet realize that that’s the top 15 of ALL the hundreds of kids in Canada. So, his goal for next year is to get into novice, which is the lowest national level.

Anyone have a couple hundred grand they can lend me? ;))

He also got a silver medal at the Western Canada Cup in Synchronized Trampoline. Not bad for the first time he and the other guy had done it!