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Flames Ahead 2 games to 1

Saturday, May 29th, 2004 by Ian

Go Flames Go!

Stanley Cup Final Series is 2 games to 1 in Calgary’s favour! They won tonight, 3 – 0 over Tampa Bay. Looks like they might actually do it.

It’s kinda neat being here too. Every second car has a Calgary Flames flag flying on it (Someone has gotten rich selling these flags that clip onto a car window and stick a flag about 2 feet in the air beside the car…I’ll get a picture up soon, as we have one on each car).

The horn honking is interesting too. You can tell when Calgary scores or the game is over without a TV just because EVERYONE is honking the car horn. Even out here in the suburbs….cool!

A new Car!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2004 by Ian

I picked up the car today and will try to get pictures on the website. It looks pretty sporty and I’m quite pleased, but it was fairly cheap (as far as new cars go).

Squids.Ca also got a revamp last night. My plan is to keep the blog here, and use Squids for my experiments and for a link clearing house. If anyone wants, we can we can set it up so anyone can post a link to that site. Terry, Viv, Scott, ??? Whoever. We can build a little community bsed around posting links we thought were cool/funny and the rest of us can comment…email and I’ll set you up.

Off to go get Dylan and read the “Operator’s Manual”….


Friday, May 21st, 2004 by Ian

I went and picked up my birthday present today. Shelley give me “the right to buy” a mandolin. It was my idea. I just want to pick out my own musical instruments since it a personal kind of thing and takes a little bit of expertise…Anyway, I got a Fender FM-53S Sunburst Mandolin. I would have got an “F-Style” one, but they are really expensive. So I decided to get a good lower end, “solid top”, A-Style job.

I plays really nicely. Now I just have to convince the band to do “Copperhead Road”…

I bought the car

Thursday, May 20th, 2004 by Ian

I forgot to mention that I bought myself a little car for bombing up and down Deerfoot. A 2004 Honda Civic DX-G. Nothing really special, just a good fuel efficient car.

Mine’s black….

Flames in Stanley Cup Finals

Thursday, May 20th, 2004 by Ian

Go Flames Go!

The Calgary Flames appear to be on a bit of a tear lately, and have now moved on to round four, the final round of Lord Stanley’s Cup playoffs! Crazy. First time in 1o years they’ve even made the playoffs and 15 years since they were in the final. Last time they WON too!

Last night when they beat San Jose in the 6th game, the horn honking in Calgary was going on for a good two hours. Even way out in the suburbs!