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Bach’ing It

Tuesday, June 29th, 2004 by Ian

Well, I’m a bachelor again….for a few days. Shelley and Quinn decided to go down to Little Bow just to “get out of town” for a few days. Some friends of ours have a cabin (a house really) down there and they were going to go anyway, so my crew decided to tag along. Dylan is sleeping over at a friends. So here I sit. Alone with my beer.

I have to say that I’m getting a little depressed. My Dad’s really not well. It’s been going on for month now, and they’re finally getting around to doing the tests that really matter. In the meantime, he’s lost 20 pounds (10 kg for our european centric frineds), can’t eat much and he’s getting depressed thinking that “it can only be one thing”. We all know what that is. I, however, being a hypochondriac myself, know that there are still a hundred other, less sinister things it could be. Still, it’s depressing. We haven’t even seen him in that month because he locks himself away in his house and won’t come out.

Dylan’s Team is Out

Thursday, June 24th, 2004 by Ian

Bah! Dylan’s team is now out of the playoffs too (After much teasing of Quinn). They had their “asses handed to them” last night in a 15-2 blowout. Dylan DID score one of the goals, but lacrosse is pretty much over all the same. We still have wind up parties and the Canada Day Tournament to deal with…

Monthly Update

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004 by Ian

Since my last post, I can think of five things I SHOULD have posted about:

1) The weight counter off on the left side of the main page. It’s all just a manual update thing, so don’t think your getting realtime weight updates or anything. I figured if I posted my weight to the website I may be shamed into not eating like I usually do.

2) Dylan had to go to a funeral! This is a bit of a long story, but Dylan had a friend, Janelle Redekop, who was diagnosed about 9 years ago with some form of anemia (sorry, the exact names aren’t at hand). She went down to Minneapolis for a bone marrow transplant and died from complications. This girl had gone to school with Dylan and his friends most of that time, so while it wasn’t a huge shock, it was very sad. For Shelley and I too. So, Shelley took Dylan to the funeral this Saturday and it was a long day, so we invited people to come to our house and have a weenie roast. I figured it would be a queit, somber event, but appearantly the pent up emotions of the teenagers were a bit much, and they let loose. So, we had 25 wired teenagers for the night. For the most part they were VERY well behaved, and just needed to vent.

3) Father’s day: I had a nice, relaxing Father’s Day. We had had the teenagers at our house the night before, so I needed some rest and Shelley handled the lacrosse games. For gifties I got a croquet set (NZ inspired) and a car shade for my BLACK car (also NZ inspired). Much appreciated!

4) I tried to post a link to Vivian’s website, and upon checking it out, I discovered it was trashed! I’m gonna put the link up anyway in the hopes that Vivian gets it back together.

5) Quinn’s team is out of the lacrosse playoffs. His team placed 2nd in the league, but in the game last night, they just couldn’t buy a goal and went down. So, his season has wrapped up. He DID, however, play a much better game and almost got a assist for his efforts! Dylan’s team which placed around 10th in his league has moved on to the second round for which the game is tonight. A’ll post the results!

Down Time

Thursday, June 10th, 2004 by Ian

The whole family is off to a camp (cabins actually) this weekend near Sylvan Lake and our “dog watcher” will be sleeping in the office, so she MAY be turning the computers off from time to time. Expect to be down along with all mail services. We will be back Sunday afternoon, so things should resume normality then —

If there is such a thing!

Quinn’s Lacross Pictures

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004 by Ian

Quinn got his lacrosse pictures back. Personally, I think they are some of the best pictures I have of him! Click the picture to get a larger (36kB) picture of “The Axeman”:

And of course the obligatory team picture (46kB):

I’ll get Dylan’s up when he gets them. He’s actually only getting them TAKEN tonight, so don’t hold your breath…I know you are!