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Dad has passed away.

Wednesday, October 27th, 2004 by Ian

“The eye of the moon refused to look down upon his passing”

At 8:40 P.M. tonight, just at the height of the lunar eclipse, my Dad passed away. It had been 3 months, almost to the day, since his diagnosis with colon cancer. In the end, he was peaceful and relaxing, with all of his children and his wife (and Viv), nearby. Sadly, Shelley had just gone home to get the kids to bed. She came back up to see him one last time, as did Len.

From the beginning this has been VERY hard on Mom. She was with him every day, as many hours as she could, holding his hand and reassuring him that everything would be alright, through Dad’s pain and fears. So, in the end, there was an overwhelming feeling of relief, that his pain and suffering were over. I don’t know where he his, but he’s at peace.

Warren Leonard Williamson
1937 – 2004