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Almost Christmas

Thursday, December 23rd, 2004 by Ian

It’s been two months since my last confession…er…entry.

Here it is, almost Christmas Day. I wish I could say it’s been a great year, “filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times”, but it really hasn’t. In the last year or so, our family has lost 6 close friends and family members, through various means:

  • Bill Read – Shelley’s uncle, from infection after surgery
  • Lionel La Page – Shelley’s sister’s father-in-law, from complications of diabetes
  • Janelle Rekop – A friend of Dylan’s, from a blood disorder she’d had since very young
  • Bomkoth Deng – A school friend of Quinn’s, murdered by his uncle
  • Warren Williamson – My dad, from Colon Cancer
  • Jack Warke – My uncle, Warren’s sister’s husband, from kidney cancer, just yesterday

As well as a couple other people that we knew through our community. As Shelley says, “I’ll be glad to see the back end of this year”. It’s strange after so many years of calm, no deaths, they all seem to pile up now. I guess it’s partly our age, our parents are getting older, but my kids have dealt with as much death as I have now, and they’re still very young.

I seem to be doing all right with out my old man. I miss him, for sure, and worry about where he is and what’s happened to him. I miss talking with him and tapping into his life knowledge.

Work went, “okay”, this year. My chip project is winding down and it would seem that everything is working well…even the power consumption is right where we predicted it would be. Another project is starting to spin up and I’ve been doing all the project planning for it, but I suspect it will spin off to another project manager so I can start our next chip design. The chip work is very interesting, while the project management is less so. I hope it goes through the way I said it should.

I’ll update more around Christmas. I really didn’t want to put anything after the October 27th entry, but I have to move on.