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Merry Christmas and/or Boxing Day To ALL!!!

Sunday, December 25th, 2005 by Terry

I see its not snowing anywhere; at least not the places this blog covers! And poor Scott and Leigh are suffering through 22C and sunny. Hope the spirit of Christmas is with you all. Viv, Tim and Brady join me in wishing y’all a wonderful New Year, as well.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 25th, 2005 by Terry

A wonderful Christmas to all!!

Shelley’s Home

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005 by Ian

Shelley is now back home in her own bed. She’s definately stiff and sore and moves pretty slowly, but she seems to feel okay.
The story of her discharge is an interesting one: Her surgeon left orders for her to be discharged on Sunday, but no one seemed to have picked up on it. After Shelley got the nurses to track down her doctor, her reply was “I thought you had gone home!”
As it turns out, Shelley felt pretty crappy Sunday and Monday anyway, so it really wasn’t a bad thing.
It’s good to have her home.

Elvis has left the Pelvis!

Thursday, December 15th, 2005 by Ian

The cyst, formerly known as Elvis, has finally left Shelley’s pelvis.

Seemingly, everything went just fine, they took out the cyst (no word on a couple other potential proto-cysts) along with all her reproductive plumbing — with the exception of ONE overy, left for hormone producing purposes.
Everything has been declared benign.
Shelley was already telling me what I needed to do when I got home, so we KNOW she’s not feeling too badly.

As for my part in this ordeal, the wait was not too bad with the exception of about 10 minutes…About an hour and half into the surgery, the hospital P.A. blurts out:
“Code BLUE, Urology O.R. 1, Code BLUE, Urology O.R. 1, Code BLUE, Urology O.R. 1!”
We ALL know what a Code Blue is! And where is Shelley? “Urology O.R. 1” sounds like a fairly likely place! So, after about 10 minutes of pacing and fretting, I phoned Shelley’s Mom (not quite sure where the logic of that was), and, of COURSE, her response was, “Ask the nurse, you loser BE ASSERTIVE!” Well, it WASN’T Shelley (obviously), and I now feel stupid, but relieved.
All that’s left for us now is recovery. I can DEAL with that!

(And, yes, Terry, you were right. Everything was fine. Thanks.)

[Edited December 19, 2005 – iwilliamson – Removed the “you loser” part of Shirley’s statement. Seemed to cause a bit of backlash! 😉 ]

Surgery Tomorrow

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005 by Ian

A quick entry because it’s late and I’m tired. Shelley has surgery booked for tomorrow afternoon. I’ll fill you all in with the good word tomorrow night.