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Went GeoCaching Today

Saturday, February 26th, 2005 by Ian

Quinn, Dylan, Chase and I packed a bag today and went out to Bragg Creek to do some geocaching today.
As part of my “lose at least a little weight” effort, I have decided that I should get back into hiking in the mountains. So we set off looking for the Bragg Creek Ice Caves but the road to get close to them was closed. Luckily, I had downloaded 10 geocaches in the area “just in case”, so we got had time to look for 5 of them before it got too dark to continue.
We found 4 of the 5, but the fifth one was up a steep slope, on a mucky, icy, trail, at the top of a good 30 meter cliff. I decided I didn’t really want to attempt it with Quinn bouncing off the rocks (having fallen only about a dozen times previously) and the dog yarding me off in all directions. Too risky. Even though we were only about 150 meters from the cache.
The rest of them were really easy, a little walking and that’s all.
It was a good day, but I’m tired now.

Scott in the Paper.

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005 by Ian

Scott mailed us a clipping of an article written about GeoCaching in which he figures prominently. I was trying to scan it and getting powerful pissed off (it’s too big) so I looked online and voila. For now it’s just a link to their site, but I’ll grab a permanent copy for “the record”.

As an aside, can any of you think of a way to scan a 2×3 foot sheet of newspaper?

Aside, aside: the lock picking stuff is here! I can get into our filing cabinet in about 10 seconds! Haven’t had a really good go a REAL lock yet though. And Quinn’s game FINALLY arrived!


Saturday, February 19th, 2005 by Ian

Good to see Scott’s posting now! Terry and Viv are up next. Come on! It’ll be the clearing house of Williamson/Spencer/Spence/Levensohn information. Don’t miss your opportunity! If Scott keeps it up, I’ll have to make it a little more clear who posted what…

We, as a family, went out to Panorama for four days this last week to do a little skiing. The conditions weren’t that great, very icy. They haven’t had much snow this year and after some warm days, it got COLD and iced up. Ah well, you’re at the mercy of the weather. Both Dylan and Quinn were snowboarding and I skied. Shelley stayed inside and read books. Both D and Q have improved a great deal this year. I basically sent Dylan off to ride wherever he wanted to and Quinn stuck to the bunny hill, but could consistantly make it down without falling and remaining in control. Dylan was good enough to handle anything. I went with him on a couple runs and we tackled some black diamonds.

We were staying in a timeshare condo at Fairmont Hot Springs. Really nice accomodations, and the price to pay was having to sit through a 2 hour sales pitch. Not too bad. The salesman we had was actually very nice and not too “high pressure”.

After skiing and feeling HORRIBLY out of shape, I’ve decided that I’m going to take up hiking again. The views in the mountains were great and I don’t see why I can’t go see them whenever I want. I’ll let you know how that goes.

As for Nelson’s “N/A” weather icon….it’s really’s problem. That’s what they tell me the weather is. Scott, if you can find a weather site that has better information than, at least for Nelson, let me know and I’ll see if I can build it in.

Delivery Voyage

Wednesday, February 16th, 2005 by Scott

Sam has been delivered to the University of Caterbury in Christchurch to start his studies in engineering. Leigh Scott and Sam along with bags of Sam support equipment (Bike, TV, stereo, boxer shorts etc) bumbled south last weekend. His exactly location is now at S 43 14.657′ E172 34.673′. For those of you without the appropriate technology (okay Joan) he is in the fourth floor (topfloor ) corner room at University Hall on the campus of the University in Illam. Its a nice 2 by 3 metre cell with a narrow bed, a desk,a hand basin and a view of the park. He claims to love it. They have an extensive orientation week which involves short course in the morning with drinking and partying the rest of the day. I’ll update contact details in another post. Reports to date have been very positive. Classes start Monday.

A little More Dynamic Content….

Sunday, February 13th, 2005 by Ian

You may or may no have noticed that I have added a couple doodads down the left side of the main page. The current weather as provided by The Weather Channel. I update the data every 15 minutes but the provider doesn’t update that often. Usually it’s about hourly. I will be making changes to this section for a little while so if you have suggestions, let’s hear ’em.

I also added some tracking on Scott’s GPS bugs. These get updated every night because they’re not bound to change very quickly. There SHOULD be three of them currently, but sometimes times out so I don’t get a report for one or more of them. I’ll see how it works updating overnight when the site isn’t very busy and then maybe add some failsafes if I can’t get the data from them.

So, come on….more suggestions! Not that I want to make this a bloated "do it all" site. I just want to make it useful to all of us.