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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005 by Scott

Hey hey its saffron season. Leigh and I have a small patch of corms (yes that is the correct title) that produce a huge (okay 10-20 grams) of dried saffron every year. Its very cool. We pick the flowers every morning and pluck out the stamen. I dry them and boom you have saffron. Spice of the gods.

What are YOU doing out there ……

Home Renovations

Thursday, April 21st, 2005 by Ian

We’ve done it now. Last night we hired a contractor to replace the entire outside of our house:

  • Shingles — Charcoal Grey. Dark but not TOO dark
  • Soffits and Eaves — Also a grey. Shelley would have liked to go right to a black, but it never happened.
  • Siding — A light brown vinyl. Here, we have to content with the bricks at the front of the house. They are orangy/red, terracotta colour, and a grey siding would look both dated (grey is SO OUT) and funny.
  • Windows — All the windows except the livingroom and diningroom windows, both of which were quite new.

I won’t tell you what it’s costing because it would nausiate both you and me.
I do have a question though. What should we do with the old cedar siding? Some people say to keep it and try to sell it, saying that you can get a couple hundred bucks for it. My feeling is that we should just get the contractor to “make it go away”. Comments?

Happy Birthday Ian

Friday, April 15th, 2005 by Scott

As you know its Ian’s birthday.

38 by my calculations.

Have a great day little Bro.

From Shelley!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005 by Shelley

Hello – Shelley here –

Terry, no they did not do a CT on my sister – the doc said that because the fluid from the tap was clear, and there was no sign of anything, that she didn’t need one….hmm She is home now, trying to rest; the bad migraine pain is gone but headache and exhaustion still there!

Dylan’s friend with the bone infection came home yesterday and is up and walking -it’ll be a while before he is off the IV antibiotics tho.

We all seem to be fine at the moment , altho everytime I think I am over it, my cold comes back!
Dylan is off to sea this week – hopefully not falling off INTO the sea! I am trying not to worry! Keeping busy planning Dylan’s junior high farewell dance, a women’s retreat for the church,(and boy, do i need a retreat),and working on educating and leading our congregation through the process of becoming a church whch fully accepts and welcomes gay ministers. With all that, and work, the house is faling down around me! oh well, sounds like we are replacing half the house this year anyhow – roof,siding,windows, shower stalls, kitchen counter, stovetop…..

Well, must get Quinn fed and organised so Ian can take him to lacrosse tonight while I go to a school council meeting…
Hope all of you reading this are doing well


Monday, April 11th, 2005 by Ian

With Viv asking, I decided I had better post an update to the website:

  1. Shelley’s sister is much better and went home yesterday. It would seem that it was “just a viral thing” and is passing.
  2. Dylan’s friend in the hospital with pain in his legs is also getting out right away. They determined that he had an infection in left femur. He’ll be getting 24 hour antibiotics for 10 days or so, but it is clearing up now.

In other news, Shelley took Dylan to the airport this morning (at 5:00AM) for his sailing trip. He seemed fairly low key about it, but I think he’ll enjoy it! I’ll report more on that when he gets back on Friday — maybe even some pictures!

Wart Sit Rep: 2 down, many more to go. Still getting chemo injections. I’ll get more on the 28th.