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Connor Andrew Brown

Monday, May 30th, 2005 by Ian

Some friends of ours had their second child this weekend, so I thought I would honour the occation with a quick post. None of the regular readers know these people! Congratulations Cathy and Dave! [Edit: Doh! I had posted Carter for his name even though I knoew it was Connor! Dumb, dumb, dumb]


Monday, May 30th, 2005 by Ian

I guess I’d better cut 10 minutes out of my day for an update…unexciting as it is.

No work has started. It’s scheduled to begin tomorrow, but with contractors, who knows? I spent the weekend moving log piles that were against the house, throwing out old (largely broken) gardening bits like 2 foot chunks of edging, making trips to the dump, and cleaning out the garage (it NEEDED it). So, we’re all ready for the renovations to begin…just need the contractor!

Last weekend we headed off for the wilds of Northern Saskatchewan. If you could stay outside for more than a few moments it might have been pretty good weather, but the mosquitos were pretty bad. Actually, the Sunday was pretty nice, warm and sunny and a breeze that kept the bugs down. So, it wasn’t bad really. Alot of driving is all, and we got a lot of time to visit.

I ordered a laptop yesterday from Dell. Got an Insperion 9300. Not too big, not too small. We really just wanted another computer to use around the house, as we all NEED the computer from time to time and there were too many “collisions” happening. It’s also nice to be able to drag it to the car so the kids can watch movies on long trips. I’ll let you all know how that goes….10 days to delivery.

Wart Sit Rep: Seem to have none left on my right foot, but my left still has 3 or 4.

Something MUST have started

Sunday, May 29th, 2005 by Scott

I’m assuming that Ian and Shelley’s house is sitting without the siding or a roof; therwise would would Ian NOT be updating us?

Good weekend down here, we hit our 100th cache at 0800 hrs on Saturday morning. I’ve got updates on a few of my travel bugs, one was lost in Calgary one in Holland but they seem to be back on track. We released a couple more and they are already on the move locally. We hit 6 good caches this weekend.

Weather was mixed with some cold nights and rain.

I’ve built a solar wax melter to let me recycle (and get cash for) the waste bees wax my hives produce. BTW its official this was the worst EVER year for honey production in Nelson since records were kept. I’ve also built a wooden box to transport my very nice cast iron hibachi. At least thats how I think it is spelt. I want to make it easier to take on picnics.

Leigh and Calgary are both good.

Only In New Zealand

Thursday, May 19th, 2005 by Scott

Only in New Zealand. On my flight back from Wellington this afternoon I sat next to a short fat man. He looked familier. It was Danny Devito.

How odd.

Must Boast About Second Child

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005 by Terry

Big Day for the Lump. First he won his doubles tennis 6-1, 6-3 against dreaded Oconomowoc. Then at the Forensics banquet, he won the trophy for the Best Sophomore, and came third overall in points. Excellent, eh?

We picked up Brady at OHare airport on Sat night…big delays as usual (thunderstorms and hail in D.C.), he was in Greensboro N.C. with a couple of lady friends. Plane was due at 10:00, arrived at 11:47. OHare closes at midnite….amazingly. So, Viv and I sat in a deserted Terminal 2 (no food, no drink, no newspapers) and counted the tiles peeling on the roof. Once he arrived, with 2 bags weighing 70 lbs each, I had by then forgotten where the car was….so we walked through the night until we found 1 CUBS and the car. Got home at 3 AM.

Prior to that we ate at Bob Chinn’s Crab Shack in Wheeling, Ill….I passed up the NZ Green lipped mussels (cuz I can’t abide eating the lips off a mussel, especially if they are GREEN…Viv had amberjack sashimi, and an entree of Kona crab. I had coconut shrimp (cliche that I am) and an entree of Halibut in beer batter. Dessert was key lime pie and Purple passion pie.Place is HUGE…seats 700 at a time. Had to be 120 people waiting. WILD.

Weather is still cool here…could do with a fireplace, but sob…don’t have one.

Fascinated to hear how those pesky warts are going, eh?