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Pet Update

Sunday, July 31st, 2005 by Ian

I tried, I really did try….to say “No” to Quinn….but, in the end, he won, so we have a new entry to our clan: a little girl kitten named Kia Ora[definition]

Click on the picture for a bigger view. She’s a 7 week old kitten that they were trying to find a home for at the summer camp. We would have prefered a boy (that would have been named “Nelson” to counter Scott and Leigh’s “Calgary”), but the entire litter was girls. Schroeder and Chase are slowly adapting, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’ve been resisting for some time now, but I really couldn’t see the harm.

Slow Work Day.

Friday, July 29th, 2005 by Ian

I’m collecting a couple hours worth of GPS data, so I think I’ll post an update:

The kids have been at summer camp all week, so it’s been quiet around the house. Yes, it is a fairly fundamentalist christian church camp, but the kids went last year and had a lot of fun, so I assume their having fun this year too. They go mountain biking, ride horses and stuff. Quinn loves the horses! The only downside is that we have to drive out early tomorrow morning (7:30AM. Hey! That’s early for us!) to pick them up. Three hours each way. Yuck!

Shelley booked our flights to Puerto Vallarta today. The whole family is going, including my mother, for a week in December and staying on the beach. I’ve been to Mexico, but Shelley and the kids haven’t, so I’m looking forward to it. No doubt Dylan will notice “the crime” first!

The renovations are effectively done. The contractor is coming on Monday to tidy up some loose ends, but there really isn’t that much. I’ve already painted the most of the window frames inside, and once the contractor is done, I can start painting the few outside window frames that need it. All the new windows are vinyl on the outside so don’t need painting, but we do have some wooden window frames that need the paint.

Scott?! Are you there boy? Speak to us! I see you posted a comment today….maybe 10 words. Sit down, have a wee drink, and fill us in!

Hotdog Contest Pictures…

Sunday, July 24th, 2005 by Ian

Just noting that I put some pictures and a small (3 Meg) movie of Quinn’s hotdog eating contest in the “People” album of the gallery.

Arthur from England

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005 by Terry

Roy Prince was at the cottage for a day, to kind of get the lay of the land, before coming up for a week between Viv and Joan. Anyway, he mentioned that Arthur Williamson, from England, was gonna visit New Zealand. He was a great favorite of Warren and Joan, and Roy thinks he’s a wonderful guy. He’s the chap with the canal boat. His wife Connie died recently of cancer. Scott, you may want to arrange to see him when he is in Kiwiland.
Weather slightly cooler today…still sunny and no rain. My tomatoes(all of 3 plants) are huge…and have lots of flowers and little tomatoes. First time in Wisconsin for any vegetables(no sun on our backyard) and so far looks good.
so…what happened to Scott….hunkering down for the winter?

Summer Update

Monday, July 18th, 2005 by Ian

There’s a couple of things going on that I wanted to document here:

We ended up going to the Stampede on Friday afternoon, even though both Shelley and I hate it. It has its good points, but, with the kids, we’re forced to walk the grounds, going on rides and constantly saying “No” to things. 😉 Ah, the things we do for our kids! Anyway, there was a definate “high point” to the visit: While we were buying our hotdogs for dinner, I was approached by someone saying: “I’m a member of the local media, do your kids like corndogs?” The guy was Gil Tucker of Global TV and that led to Quinn and Austin (his friend visiting from India) getting involved in a “Live from the Stampede: Corndog Eating Competition”. It was just one of those 2 minute fills in the local news, but the kids had fun and got on TV! I have a copy of the “appearance” on two tapes and a TiVO recording, so I’ll get it online when I have some time to play with it. Maybe tonight.

Shelley is currently camping at Pine Lake (the tornado capital of Alberta) near Red Deer by herself, with 5 children! Brave, brave woman! [Update: She just phoned and seemed to be quite happily sitting the beach] A friend of hers (Bonnie) is going up today with 3 more kids and the lot of them will be staying until Thursday. I’m going to go out Wednesday after work, stay the night with them, then help pack them up in the morning. The new trailer seems to be operating well. It’s definately heavier than the old one; you definately notice it’s there behind the car, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’ll update you on the camping trip when they’re back home.

Speaking of the tent trailer, I sold the old one on Saturday for $900. When you consider that we bought it for $1200 and used it for three or four years, $300 for that use isn’t too bad. A nice, older couple bought it and I’m delivering it to their house tonight. We’ll finally have the driveway back!

The house appears to be done, finally. The contractor came at 6:30 this morning to finish up by putting on the eavestrough, and there are a few things I want fixed up before I’ll pay the rest, but for the most part it looks good. Now my work begins…painting the remaining windows frames, new screen door on the front, painting window frames inside, that kind of thing.

Wart Sit rep: Still a few stubborn ones remaining, and they don’t seem to be shrinking…hmmmmm….