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Brady Has a Moment of Fame

Thursday, August 25th, 2005 by Vivian

Brady was briefly featured yesterday in an article in the Metro section of The Washington Times, the right-wing paper in D.C. Nothing political, though. It was about American University’s “Freshman Service Experience,” where Brady is a volunteer leader. Here’s the url:


Friday, August 19th, 2005 by Scott

I’ve been out on the road this week, first in Westport, a small coastal coal mining town. Its a neat little place, just a little (well lot) off the beaten track. I then had to drive to Picton (6 hours) and then fly to Wellington. I had to fly back to Picton then drive to Nelson on Friday. It was a very, very, very, long week. But I’ve had a good sleep and I’m ready to go!

Its official……. Leigh has been head hunted from the cafe and is now the Health and Disabiulity Advocate for the top of the south Island. Yup, if you have a problem with a medical service Leigh can help you get it sorted. Its been a job she has been chasing for some time. Its also part time … which seems to suit everyone. New job starts in 3 -5 weeks.

Sam is working hard at uni … hell what am I saying, he texted me from the ski field yesterday. The little toad is out skiiing.

Lastly I had my picture in the paper again …. I’ll post it in the gallary …….

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We bought a new van.

Monday, August 15th, 2005 by Ian

I know I should be excited, but frankly, I’m exhausted. We did just buy a new 2005 Toyota Sienna. We went for the base model because, even though I am a geek, I view all the bells and whistles as “things that will break”, and who REALLY needs automatic side doors and such? Maybe if we had a baby, but there’s really no need for it now.
So, it was a toss up between the Honda Odyssey and the Sienna. Honda is touted as “the Lexus of Minivans”, and we really liked it…better than the Toyota, but it was $5000 more (almost $40000 Canadian!!!). We decided we didn’t like it THAT much more. We’ll be happy with the Sienna. It can pull our trailer and is functionally equivalent to the Odyssey at a bit of a cheaper price. But….whew! What a stressful ordeal. We traded in our old van…obviously didn’t get enough for it, you never do with a trade-in, but I wasn’t prepared to sell it myself…and spent most of the afternoon in the dealers “haggling” over the “no haggle” price. Anyway, I’ll get some pictures up as soon as we actually get it….Thursday or Friday with any luck.

I hate cars….and vans…..and trucks….

Dylan Drives!

Thursday, August 11th, 2005 by Ian

Dylan got his Learner’s License today, so he can drive in with an adult in the car…’Nuff said…..sigh

Back From Camping

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005 by Ian

We got back from a little 4 day camping trip to Crimson Lake up near Rocky Mountain House on Sunday. As far as the camping went, everything was just fine. We were SUPPOSED to be booked into our site until Sunday, but we ended up only being reserved until Saturday, so we moved next door to our friends, Kevin and Sharon’s campsite for the last night. A little squishy, but not too bad. I’ll get some pictures up in the gallery later.

The REAL excitement happened on the way home though (sigh):
After stopping on our way through Rocky Mountain House for lunch, I noticed a little puddle under the van. “Must be air conditioning condensation”, I thought, but when I moved the van to put gas in it, I went back and had a look at the puddle…….coolant!
Well, Kevin has an Aunt and Uncle that live near the town, and the plan was always to go to their acrage and ride the horses for the afternoon, so we went there anyway, put the van up on some ramps and had a look. It wasn’t dripping particularly fast, but it seemed to me to be coming from the head gasket.
Damn again.

It couldn’t be simple, could it! So, with the kids riding horses and driving the quad, the three men scratched our collective chins and decided that it would probably be okay to drive home.
So, we did.
We took a little extra coolant to top up on the way (Thanks Terry — Kevin’s uncle), and made it home safe and sound.

On Monday I took the car into Canadian Tire, thinking it was simple (labour intensive, sure), but a simple enough job. Thinking, maybe, $800. They came back with $1900! Yikes! After my heart stopped racing, I called around a little and finally settled on our usual dealer, who agreed to do it for about $1150. Better obviously, but that still hurts!

So, it’s done. We pick it up tonight.
Like I said, I’ll get some pictures from the trip online tonight if I have time…we’re going van shopping! We’ve looked at the Honda Odyssey and tonight we’re going to look at the Toyota Sienna. Anyone have any comments about either? I know T&V have the Honda and like it, but it’s a little more expensive than the Sienna. We also looked at a few SUVs (for towing), but they are even more expensive, and the milage it pretty bad. My ECO-Guilt would kill me!

[Edit: Photos Uploaded here]