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Monday, October 10th, 2005 by Scott

Well with the one year anniversery of Warren’s death approaching in a couple of weeks (27 Oct) I was thinking about how I wanted to mark the day. Very early this morning it occured to me to post this idea on the blog and see what the family was thinking of doing. Now Warren loved rituals. I think about the paper hats at chistmas, playing pit, even a lot of his little sayings and decided that I need to come up with a ritual to mark his death. Now some of the ideas I have had are :

1. Sit and watch 12 hours of sport on TV while drinking rye and ginger ale
2. Go gold panning (he never found much but then neither do I)
3. Have dinner at the “Honest lawyer” which was a pub he loved.
4. Fuss over my taxes.

So tell me .. what are you going to do? Any suggestions of rituals? Nothing too silly to be considered.

Vivian’s New Photo Website

Friday, October 7th, 2005 by Vivian

Vivian’s Flickr Page

This is my new Flickr page. (Sorry, Ian, the photo uploads are so much easier on Flickr than on this weblog. And I tried to use one of the other entries on this blog to turn the above into an actual link, but failed miserably.)

I’ve posted a bunch of our San Francisco photos on the site.

Ian, you can delete the link to “viv’s site” on the top of this weblog, because I’m discontinuing the nconnect account, and I haven’t updated that frustrating website in ages and ages. Maybe you’d like to substitute this one.

[Edited by Ian: Done]

Coming to America

Thursday, October 6th, 2005 by Scott

Young Sam has been offered a “summer” job in California! He will be flying down on or about 6 November and we are trying to convince him to stay until Christmas or just after. Now I also understand that a certain balding engineer have offered to host him for a little skiing in December. Thank you mate! He is really excited. I guess you will meet up when you get back from Mexico.

Its a terrible life for the boy!

(BTW he is doing very well at University)