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Warren’s Birthday

Saturday, November 26th, 2005 by Ian

Just a quick note to remind you that today would be Warren’s birthday. Sigh.

Almost Laughable…

Friday, November 25th, 2005 by Ian

It’s become so sad, it’s almost laughable.

By now, everyone knows about Shelley’s previous scare and ongoing problem (I won’t elaborate on that at right now because I’m not sure she wants it all over the web)…and now I can add to the list of maladies and hitches our family is having. I’ll start at the beginning:

We all know that I have been trying to get rid of the warts on my feet — without much success — and I still have about 6 of them that are being difficult. Well, the latest scheme involves painting them once a week with a chemical called DPCP, which is supposed to cause an allergic reaction, and thus, cause your body to attack the warts. Well, I DID that for three weeks, with no effect at all. Nothing. However, when I did it last week, I got boils and blisters galore. Yay! I thought. It’s working. And it was. It happens that I was also coming down with a cold, probably due to the stress with Shelley’s problem, but the two are unrelated.

Flash forward a couple days. I’m getting over my cold, but on Tuesday night, I start getting a fever. Not a really high one, 101.5F or so, but I was a little concerned that my foot might be infected, so I went to the local clinic.

“No, no”, says the doctor, “your foot looks fine. You just have a virus. Get some rest and it’ll clear up.”

So I went home, had a HORRIBLE fever sleep and slept most of the next day too. Every time I closed my eyes it was 2 hours later.

In the mean time, Shelley is having REALLY bad cramps and puking, so we’re both home in bed, sick.

Then, yesterday morning, I noticed a pretty big, tender lump in my groin — so tender it hurt to walk at times. So I went back to the clinic.

“Oooo! That foot’s infected”, says a different doctor.

Thanks! Could have used that advice two nights ago! I might even feel better by now.

Now I’m on antibiotics, soaking my foot daily in salty water and feeling totally run down. I’m obviously still fighting it. The lump swelling has gone down some, but it’s still tender. It’s obviously a swollen lymph node from FIGHTING INFECTION!

Flash forward to today: both Shelley and I are feeling a bit better — She’s certainly 100% yet, but she’s up and going to work although she gets tired quickly and doesn’t feel very good, but between us, we’re getting there. I think I will feel a lot better when her problem is all cleared up…hopefully before Christmas. Maybe I’ll feel better physically by then too!

I feel pretty guilty knowing that Shelley is under the weather for a REAL reason and now is my time to step up to the plate and get stuff done, but it’s awfully hard when you can’t even get out of bed! We’re all crabby and sore, crotchety and angry. Now the kids are getting in on it too!

Next Saturday we go to Mexico. I really feel like this trip is doomed in some way, though I hope not. As Joan said, maybe we’re just getting everything out of the way so we can go to Mexico and sit in the pool and enjoy it. I hope so, I’m tired of the misery!

Busy Bees

Sunday, November 13th, 2005 by Scott

Spring has sprung and unless it rains soon, and for an extended period, it will all turn brown and die off. We have had the warmest, driest spring in 30 or more years. Thus the yard is looking super but … it has not rained at our place for maybe 6 weeks. I mean really rained not just dusted the surface. I spent a long time fixing and installing irrigation pipes and laying out mulch this weekend. I hope it will help us keep things alive. At least I’m likley to get a break on lawn mowing.

The bees are doing well. I requeened all the hives and have created “double” hives. That is two queens seperated by an excluder in three rather than the normal two boxes. It means bigger hives but you need a little more care with them. The theory is that you get more “surplus” bees to forage for honey. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll also take some photos of the solar wax melter and get them posted. It is working well in the hot weather.

You might also be interested to know that my heritage apples are looking good. We grow and interesting mix of very old apple varieties. I pruned hard this year to get good shape and have thinned the wee apples back hard (there is still heaps) and think that it is going to result in a good crop. They are able to be irrigated so the dry weather will not casue problems.

Sam is having a BALL in San Luis Obispo.


Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 by Ian

Scott pointed out that the comment section has been attacked by spammers. Believe me, this is not the first time. I have a list of about 200 machines that are banned from posting to the site.

What happens is that some people’s home machines become infected with a virus that makes them “zombies” for the spammer, then each one will post a comment (or multiple comments) on my site and a bunch of others. So I can’t just ban one machine, as the attack is effectively coming from random machines. Usually I stay on top of it and delete the comments before you see them on the front page, but they are still usually up on the site for a couple hours.

I actually count it as a badge of honour that the spammers have found my blog (I’m VISIBLE) and spam it. The spam traffic is really low, so it doesn’t REALLY effect anything.

I could leave them for the MD in the family….lotsa great drugs! Cheap cheap cheap!