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You and Me

Thursday, March 30th, 2006 by Scott

Well it looks like its just you and me Ian. Viv will be storing up for a massive update .. terry and Joan … we assume they are alive I I’m not paying any ransom until there is proof of life. You know a cut off ear or something.

So Little Bro is gonna be 39 in a couple of days. What is YOUR wish …. hair? Computer gadgets? Come on What does do you want for?

I take it you placed BOTH of the TBs.

Alive and Kicking

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006 by Scott

Well since Ian “I update monthly” Williamson seems to think that people are ignoring him then I’ll give ya’ll a bit of an update. key results are: The early and mid-season apples are finished we are now waitig on the “Tildman’s late Orange” and the “Rennet Du Canada” for the later season goodness. I’m harvesting Honey this weekend. Work is good and I’ve been selected to go to a “up and coming senior managers” course. The best and the brightest get sent. It should be interesting.

Leigh is loving her job and hasa just finsihed her latest quilt. I really should post a few photos.

WX remains VERY dry.


Monday, March 27th, 2006 by Ian

(Crickets…in case you didn’t figure it out)

Slow News Month

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006 by Ian

Doesn’t seem like anything is going on this month. No web site updates. So, I’ll talk about my cats.
When I came home from work yesterday, Schroeder’s face was all swollen up. Poor guy had an absessed wound, so I whipped him in to the vet where we shaved him, drained it and paid a small fortune. The wounds were caused by our “kitten” Kia Ora who seems to think it’s necessary to jump on Schroeders back all the time and claw at him. So we need to keep them separated for a while…easier said than done with one litterbox…

What Can I Say?

Sunday, March 5th, 2006 by Ian

It’s been a long “Shelley’s BirthWeek” here. Not for any bad reasons (as you might regularly expect :-)) but just busy, starting Wednesday:

  • Wednesday night Shelley and I went to the “theatah”, Quinn had soccer and Dylan had his confirmation group. A bit of back story on the theater thing: We had to catch up on our Alberta Theater Projects “Playrites” subscription. Basically, we had to attend two plays this weekend or lose the tickets. Not that we really mind, the plays were good, but were…well….strange.
  • Thursday Shelley started back at work at Laura’s. I don’t want to say she was excited about it, because that would be a lie, but she seemed to ease back into it okay. Maybe she’ll have some more comments about it. I (it IS all about me of course!) went to the Flames game with George and Shelley spent the evening at church choir practice. She’s been singing in the choir and I have to admit that I’m impressed. She’s not a natural singer, but she seems to be enjoying it and is very dedicated.
  • Friday was, of course, Shelley’s birthday! She had to work, and I took half of the day off to get the house cleaned and we all went out for dinner to celebrate — Mom, Sue and family and our family. It was nice and just at a local greek restaurant. Afterwards we came home and had a bit of a “party” for Shelley. The idea started off as just a couple close families coming over after dinner for cake and drinks, but Shelley has more than just a few friends! It soon grew in to full scale party with a good 15-20 people here…booze flowing…appies, etc. It was a good time.
  • Saturday we got a little chance to recover, then Shelley’s good friend Sharon and family decended on us on their way back to Edmonton after three days skiing in Banff. So, of course, we had to go out for dinner again! This time it was an adult only affair at “La Caille on the Bow”. VERY, nice restuarant, as any of you who have been there will agree. It’s what I like to call “Tall Food”. Haute Cuisine. We had a good time, drank a $60 bottle of wine and got home after Dylan had put the kids to bed! Perfect!
  • Sunday, after church, it was back to the theater for another play. Again, it was good, but we were starting to get a little burnt out. Shelley needed a nap when we got home. (Not that that’s all that unusual — nudge nudge).

So, here it is Sunday night. Shelley and Dylan are downstairs watching the Oscars, I refuse to watch that drivel, so I’m getting Quinn ready for bed, having a beer and relaxing. Job well done! And I think Shelley enjoyed her weekend. That was to goal after all. She got in lots of visiting, eating, drinking and general merrymaking, so it can’t have been that bad for her!