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Heading to Bala

Thursday, May 25th, 2006 by Vivian

Tomorrow morning we (Ter, Brady, & I) head up to Bala. Ward’s Plumbing, in Torrance, is supposed to have opened for us today, so if we arrive late at night we should have drinking water and toilet functioning. My fingers are crossed. Marlene & David will have us for dinner tomorrow night, but if we find the cottage not yet liveable tomorrow night, who knows what extra company they may have?

Brady got back from Copenhagen on Sunday night, a smooth trip home, and has barely had time to buy a couple new video games before heading up to a job in Bala. One of the long-term regulars has left Blissymbolics, so Brady has an even better job this summer than last. He’ll be bach’ing it at the cottage until Tim and I arrive in a few weeks, with only a bicycle and his two legs for getting around.

Terry I will be back here on Tuesday, because he has to get back to work on Wednesday. Tim, meanwhile, will be HOME ALONE!!!!!

Hope you all had a great Victoria Day weekend. This is Memorial Day weekend upcoming, here.

And, Shelley: I hope you had as great a time in Hawaii as my friend, Suzanne, and I did about 25 years ago when we did the same thing. Remember: what happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii!


Thursday, May 18th, 2006 by Ian

Shelley is up and taking her self to Hawaii tomorrow afternoon. Really!

A friend of ours works for Westjet, and got half price tickets to Hawaii, so they’re gone for the week. Just us men bach’ing it here!

I’m So Jealous….

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 by Terry

Have a wonderful trip Joanie…the itinerary looks fascinating!!

Now that I’ve figured out my password(for a while) I’ll update all on our recent comings and goings….Brady is still in Denmark (until the 21 of May)…he’s just back from a 2 day bike and canoe trip in southern Sweden. Before that it was Russia, France, Holland, and Belgium. Pics are available on his Flickr site, and some blogisms on his blog site.

Viv and I are going to Greece….(ulp, no we aren’t)…we’re going to Virginia for a conference in June…I gotta write my Doctor Boards again this summer, so I need a study conference. Yawn. We will be going to Banff in September for a Reunion of my medical school class…the fabled PIGS of 86.

Tim is playing varsity tennis, working assiduously on his advanced courses, and spending time with his girlfriend, Amy. A photo of them is on my Flickr photostream.

Viv is volunteering at the Zilber Hospice in Milwaukee…not quite as good as the one in Calgary, but still a good hospice.

Scott, I forget everything you told me about NZ wine…I just bought a Seifried sauvignon blanc 2004 from the Nelson area…was that vineyard close to you? And we found a new Indian restaurant whose chef was previously in NZ. You guessed it…butter chicken on the menu…it was deelish.

Cheers All

This and That

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006 by Joan

I had hoped to have the time to bring you all up to date on my doings and comings and goings, but can only manage to let you all know that I’m off again–tomorrow I leave for Toronto and then GREECE!! I’ll be away for three weeks–back June 1st. Things have just been too hectic lately. Ian has our itinerary should anyone need it.
The bathroom reno is half done–new tile and floor yesterday and today–I’ll post pictures when I get back. It’s almost unrecognizable! Derek will do some work while I’m away and then there’ll be more painting and stuff.


Monday, May 8th, 2006 by Ian

…c’est un fait accomplis. I didn’t do it yesterday because I wanted the glue to have a little more time to dry. Just need to seal it and do a little calking next weekend…..whee!