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The Walk is Over

Monday, July 31st, 2006 by Ian

The team succefully completed The Walk yesterday at around 2:30, with out once using the “sweep” vans that come along and pickup people who need help.  Shelley seems to have escaped relatively unscathed: one small blister and stiff, sore muscles, but relatively happy.   Their team captain was a little more worse for wear with several LARGE blisters, but she never gave in and got to the end.

Maybe Shelley will type in her thoughts when she’s recovered!

Day One of The Walk

Saturday, July 29th, 2006 by Ian

As I said to a friend tonight…”I’m tired, I’ve been up since 5:00″. But, I can’t really complain. Shelley, too, has been up since 5:00 and has managed to walk about 33 km, in 30C temperatures, in this first leg of The Walk. And she doesn’t seem to be all that worse for wear! Sure she’s tired, but, so far, no blisters or cramps or anything like that. She did very well and I’m proud of her.

The kids and I were chasing after them trying to cheer them on at the Cheering Stations, but it was really hard to figure out when they would get there, so we waited a lot and the kids were actually VERY good about it. Joan, Sue and Zenya even showed up at th elast one of the day.

Tomorrow, they start again at 7:30 and walk anoth 27 km through the city and back to The Corral for the closing cerimonies at 4:00. It’ll be another long day!
I took quite a few pictures and I’ll get them online soon, but not likely until the weekend is over. I just have too much to do, helping out!

Go Shelley! We’re very proud of you!

The Eve of the Walk.

Friday, July 28th, 2006 by Ian

Tonight is the night before the start of the Weekend to End Breast Cancer that Shelley is walking in and we’ve got a couple of full days ahead.

Tomorrow Shel has to be at The Corral at 6:00AM for the openning cerimonies, and then ALL she has to do is walk 35 km., he said with tongue in cheek! I’m driving her and her team captains down there, coming back to get the our’s and Rhonda and Walter’s kids, then spending several hours setting up tents for the walkers to spend the night in. Shel is actually planning to come home tomorrow night to get a good rest for the next day, another 25 km, then the wind up. All the walkers seem pretty excited and ready to go.

I’ll update tomorrow night with the day’s comments.

Winter Pruning

Monday, July 24th, 2006 by Scott

While Ian apparently runs a used japanese car lot from his front yard, we’ve been busy with the task of preparing the orchard and veggie garden for the summer season. I’m hell bent on no getting behind the curve this year. So the weekend was spent pruning trees. The heritage apples take some skill but they are done and the filberts are ready to roll as well. I think this year will be the year of tree removal. I have number of trees that need to come out to make space for others to grow. Ah well at the rate trees grow around here its an ongoing issue.

For Sale

Monday, July 17th, 2006 by Ian

Lovingly used (choke) 1990 Nissan 2WD KingKab pickup truck. Great for quick trips to the dump or moving furniture. Runs well, some rust. Manual transmission (5 speed), manual windows, manual steering, manual locks, manual manual. 205,000km. Offers.

We are replacing the truck. Actually, we already have, we just need to unload the truck. Dylan SHOULD be getting his driver’s license in the next month and Shelley and I agreed that he needed something a little better than the truck to drive around in, so we bought a 1995 Mazda Protege sedan. Not your most stylish or powerful car, but the price was right and it’ll get him around.

As Shelley also pointed out, we CURRENTLY own:

  • A Toyota
  • A Honda
  • A Mazda
  • A Nissan

We should be flying a Japanese flag!

In other news, Quinn is off at camp this week.  Same one as he went to last year (Circle Square Ranch), and it’s a bit of a fundamentalist church camp, but he has fun.  They have lots of things there for him to do, but I think he likes the horses best.

Dylan is done working at the Stampede.  He spent the week standing at the gates taking tickets or stamping hands, but he’ll enjoy the cash, I think. I didn’t hear him complain once about anything (other than getting up early, but I can’t blame him for that).  In early August he’s off to Vancouver Island for some camping with a friend of his (and his Dad).