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Happy New Year

Sunday, December 31st, 2006 by Ian

A little belated Happy New Year to those in the far south, and a little early Happy New Year to those up here! To quote Quinn, “We’re having a BIG party!” Though it really won’t be big. Just a bunch of 40-50 year olds with nothing better to do New Year’s Eve, hanging around and drinking beer. It’ll be a “nice” evening though…just not exciting.

I also promised Sam I would update him on my first ever day snowboarding. To sum it up, I have never been this sore in my life! Well, I probably have, but I hurt something fierce! My forearm muscles are all torn up from falling forward on my hands, my biceps are all sore from pushing myself back up, my back is killing me from being jarred all day and my legs hurt because it’s an entirely different set of muscles than skiing. I DID have fun though! It was different being a beginner on the hill again!

My most memorable moment was sliding on my toe edge (facing into the hill), when I caught the back edge, fell backwards downhill, broke my arse on the ground and saw stars, then my head snapped back and hit the ground…saw stars again! I literally thought I had broken something at that point, but no…just broken pride. The kids weren’t around to see it though!
We were at Sunshine, and, though I DID make one attempt up Standish, I stuck to Strawberry most of the day. Nice and easy. I was getting the hang of it by the end of the day and I think even Dylan was impressed — I could carve…slowly…and I could use both sides of the board.
I gave up around 3:30 because I was thinking to myself, “I CAN’T fall again..I literally CAN’T. I won’t be able to get up if I do!”
But, like I said, I was fun…painful…but fun!

Been there and DONE that.

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006 by Scott

Merry Christmas to you all.  We had an unusual Christmas, what with staying in a field, in a caravan in the local A and P grounds (Agricultural and Pastoral Showgrounds) and  in the shadow of the Invercargill Prison.  Unusual but fun. It was sunny on christmas eve and we opened a bottle of bubbly and took in the views (photos to follow).  On the big day we geocached from Bluff to beyond, and had a super look around Invercargill.  Dinner was two homemade roast dinners from a very nice little take away cafe (me Lamb, Leigh pork) .  A fine time was had by all.  Over the last couple of days we have moved up to Manapouri, set up camp and explored Milford today.  Very very beautiful country.  As is the way around here (two out of every three days), it is raining … so we thoughts we’d bring you up to date.  Hi to you all …… next its off to Geraldine via Waikouaiti……………

Winter in the Catlins

Friday, December 22nd, 2006 by Scott

It feels like winter!  We are actually hoping for SNOW!  We are  alive and well down here … but man is it cold.  The weather haas been in the single figures with rain and cold wind. Life in a caravan is going well.  We had to pop out and get a heater but otherwise its we are settling into the whole camping thing.  In spite of the cold we’re having a great time, and the Catlins are very very pretty.  Today we had further south to Invercargill and have a few URBAN days. Oh the day before we left i bough a good digital camera so there will be a few photos to post.  Terry we are looking for old signs to add to the collection.  Breakfast is ready so I’d better go ….

I hope  you are all  Easing into the whole christmas thing and getting ready to have a good time.  Think of us in a caravan eh!



Invercargill of Bust!

Thursday, December 14th, 2006 by Scott

Okay Team, as of Monday we will be on the road in our great Southern Adventure (note the capital letters). We’ll be out of touch with you over the Christmas break. Just so you can follow us (say in Google Earth) … so Leigh, Calgary, me and two weeks worth of support gear …..

18 Dec — I pick up trailer (caravan) in Kaiapoi then travel on to Timaru – a farm Community in Southern Canterbury. It’s an unknown quantity because …. we’ve never stopped there longer than it took to scarf down a whopper.

19-23 Dec — In and around the Catlins (south of Dunedin) – wild coasts, forests and apparently VERY nice. People go —“Ohhh that will be nice” when I tell them.

24-26 Dec — Invercargill …. where the “Worlds Fastest Indian” was filmed. Home Of Bluff Oysters and … well the southernmost city in NZ. It is considered to be the dullest place in NZ. I think it will be great!

26-29 Dec — Manapori – on the edge of the lakes district and Fiordland. Rugged splendor in bucketfuls.

30 Dec — Some place starting with “W” and I cannot remember ….. who cares because it is only for one night …

31 Dec and 1 Jan — Geraldine in South Canterbury. A neat little community on the edge of the mountains. Its a very pretty area. My only firm memory is that there is a very good cheese shop. What else matters.

1-3 Jan — Christchurch and Culverton then home. Exact timing to be determined. We are picking up Sam (who is Christmas’ing with his Dad) and heading north and things are a little “flexible” at this point in time ….

So you can see that this is going to be a bit of an interesting trip. I’m determined to buy a digital camera today and take some reasonable photos for you to enjoy. I’ll not be a good as Doc Terry but …..We can only try.

So please all of you take care, have a great break with the families, remain calm or well medicated throughout and …. big hugs to you all.

Big Week Around Here

Thursday, December 7th, 2006 by Ian

As I just fired off in an email to Scott, it’s been a bit of a big week here at our house. Mixed in with the usual routine has been:

Quinn got his braces. We knew it was coming, and in fact at one point,Quinn actually WANTED braces, but he’s got them now and I don’t think he’s enjoying it a whole lot. His teath are achy, obviously, and all the chaffing that happens. It’ll settle down soon I’m sure, but he’s a whiney guy like his Dad. So that was Monday. Last night, he got invited to the Guns N Roses concert, at the last minute, by a friend and his Dad. I have to admit that we were getting worried around 2:00 (I had heard that the show would go late…1:00 ish), so I called the Police non-emergency number to find out if the show was over or what (where else can you call?!). They had obviously received a lot of calls, because the constable that I talked to said she had checked about 10 minutes earlier and it was expected to be over by 2:20. Late night, and needless to say we all slept in.

And TODAY, Shelley had her eyes “laser corrected” so she won’t need glasses any more. She’s upstairs right now, sitting in bed with her sunglasses on (24 hours of that), listening to a “book on tape” (no TV or reading for 24 hours). They are hurting her now that the freezing has worn off, but she has some numbing drops to take right before bed that will help. She should be good after a few days. Already she can read more with her glasses off than I can, so it’s close. She’s wanted to do this for years because she WAS as blind as a bat without glasses or contacts.

I think that’s it. Dylan and I are just trying to be accommodating of our sore achy family!