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Life at Maple Hill

Saturday, April 28th, 2007 by Scott

Just a little update as we head into fall and start getting ready for the winter ahead. We had (well still are having) a great saffron year. The proper raised beds and good horse poo added last year mean we proably had between 400- 500 flowers so maybe 1500 to 2000 threads. Its probably worth several hundred dollars if I could market it …. I have some ideas for next year ….

We had this years honey analysed and found that it was about 75% oak/elm honeydew with 25% mixed floral sources of nectar, white clover being the most common. Interesting eh! The bees are bedded down for the winter, they are allbeing treated with varroa miticide as we are sure to get it. The next couple of years will be the hardest as local feral hives (and feral beekeepers) become a source of reinfection between treatments. After that its smooth sailing. Mead is down and fermenting away ….

Sam has been here for a couple of weeks on a mid term break. He is back in CHCH as of this morning and really seems to be doing well. In fact he has already got a job offer for next summer (up in Auckland) and has eased into the heavy workload of engineering school. He looked and sounded great when he was here.

The rc soaring is going well. I’ve rebuilt my erasor (to repair wear and tear) and just today finished the next plane a fancy flying wing (name escapes me right now). I’ve also retrofitted my gentle lady (built up polyhedral winged thermal glider) for thermal flying this winter. I see ian has bought a radio this week so its ALL go in Calgary ……

Any one wanna kick in and let us knwo what they have been doing … Joan?

Back from Cancun!

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 by Ian

Well…it sucks to be back. Kinda. We missed the kids, but it was a beautiful vacation, and a complete surprise for me. Shelley picked me up at work around 1:00 on the 13th and we were in the air 3 hours later. It’s a very bizaar sensation when you’re expecting a “normal” day and end up somewhere else! Very cool! Thanks be to Shel, Dylan and Quinn!

The hotel was fabulous and the weather was just about perfect. What more can I say?!

I’ve put our pictures up in the gallery,  so off you go to have a look. There are some more in a regular film camera that we haven’t developed yet, but I’ll get them up when I scan them.

Happy Birthday Ian

Saturday, April 14th, 2007 by Scott

Happy birthday ian, you are now officially middle aged. Bwhgahahaha. the team at maple hill wish you all the very best. Oh and we knew abotu the trip to mexico. go wild and have fun.

Lee Iacocca’s New Book

Thursday, April 12th, 2007 by Ian

Don’t ask me why, but his new book just struck me as something I should read. I’m not American, I have no real business complaining about their leadership, but it’s good to hear some sanity from someone who is as respected and intelligent as Mr. Iacocca.

The Colonoscopy…

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007 by Ian

…was…well…successful. I won’t say it was fun, and frankly, the drugs they gave me DID NOTHING. I was wide awake through the whole thing and was ready to leave as soon as I came out. The guy across the hall slept for and hour. I DID have a single polyp, which was removed and sent to pathology. Depending on the results of that, I’m back in 3 to 5 years. Whee!

And no, I’m not particularly worried about the polyp. Better to have it out now than to let it fester.

Your turn Scott!!!

[Edit — 4 hours later]
On reading this over, and thinking about it, the drugs DID work. I can’t remember most of the test, it seemed I was in there for about 2 minutes, but it had to be longer. I think I just started to come out of it near the end and thought that was the whole thing. Odd. I then came home and slept for 3 hours — AFTER updating the blog.

Oh! And I want to hear the “I told you so”s too!