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So That Does Not Grab You

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007 by Scott

So Scott building a 3 m UAV did not generate much in the way of discussion. So what do I need to do? First I do think we need to mark T and V’s wedding anniversery! 31 years. I have very distant memeories of being in Bala sitting in Terry’s 1970’s ford pinto (green), it was the kind that blew up when rear ended, digging out quarters so he could call some woman (named vivian) at Penn State” (a mythical place cool long haired uncle’s lived). I don’t remember which year it was. Really dredging the deep memory there.

I’ve caught one swarm and have been trying to catch another swarm of bees over the least week. Its hard to pass up free bees (get it) ……. but seriously the swarms are used to either start new hives or join with himes to make STRONGER hives. Right now I have six hives and two nucleous hives (small) on the property … this is about five hives too many. I’ll move them out to better locations over the next week, proably on the weekend. With Varroa cleaning out the wild and managed colonies I get LOTS of people asking for bees.

I’ve also started the spring vodka/gin making season with 50 l of wash down (that will produce 16 l of 100 proof gin or vodka.) We also took off the “slo-gin” or Damson Gin made last summer. Yummy