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The Usual Goings On…

Saturday, March 29th, 2008 by Ian

After those two long posts by “the oldies” I can’t say nothing….can I?

I have not been to the South recently, I have not been to Mexico.  In mid-April though I’ll be going to San Jose for a business conference.  Shelley will be coming down to join me at the end of the week and we’re going to spend a long weekend in San Francisco — she’s never been there and I’ve been there probably 8 times.  We have a tour to Napa planned, but we won’t have a car so we’re just going to cab around and see what we can find in the city for the most part.  The hotel is near Union Square so there should be some good shopping.

There was talk of me going on a business trip to Switzerland after I got back from San Francisco, but that fell through.  I’m still on the list to go the next time…probably inside the year.

This September (and the following two Septembers) the big GPS show, “ION” will be in Savannah, Ga, so I will likely be heading there in the next little while.  Shelley swears she will be attending that one too.

The rest of life has been “more of the same” really.  The weekend before Easter I painted Quinn’s room.  It was that horrible bright orange and took 5 coats of paint cover.  It’s now primary blue on two walls and primary red on the other two.  Nice and relaxing.  Then Shelley’s sister and family were here for Easter.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks I guess.  Today, I get to pick up Quinn’s new desk/wall unit for his room a put it together (Ikea!)

Dylan is currently out with his girlfriend’s family (Katrina) at their cabin near Fairmont Hot Springs.  It’s actually in the same development where Silner’s and Wiebe’s had cabins on Columbia Lake.  He’s been struggling a little at school lately.  Math has never been his strong suit and he’s making the final push to get through Pure Math 30.  Honestly, he brings me questions that take ME an hour to work out — but he’s starting to buckle down and get it done.  3 months, that’s all.

Not much else to say.  We haven’t heard from Scott much.  I assume he’s still alive down there on the bottom of the world.  Say something!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 by Joan

It’s a beautiful day here in Calgary–sunny, blue sky, a little breezy but a comfortable 12 degrees or so. The tulips near the house are pushing up–they’re going to get a surprise if they’re too agressive!
It has been suggested that I bring everyone up to date on my travel experiences this winter–it has been busy since I was at the cottage in September. The end of October I went to the Palm Springs area with my friends the Woods, and to Mexico with Len, Sue and the kids for the first week in December.
The end of February the Woods and I went to Mexico for two weeks. The first week was spent in Puerto Vallarta–we stayed in a hotel fairly close to the downtown, We went to local restaurants for breakfast and then usually walked downtown to do some exploring. After lunch in some fairly interesting restaurants, we’d walk back to the hotel for some sun and quiet time, then head out for dinner–again usually downtown–walk the Malecon and then back to the hotel!! A friend of a friend had given us a list of sights and restaurants which was really, really useful!! We didn’t do any touristy things (except shop)–this was just about “experiencing” the city. One day, we took the bus to the Marina area where the Woods had stayed previously and wandered around looking at the big hotels there. I remembered to wear my pedometer that day–by the time we got back to the hotel that night, we had walked 7.5 miles!!
The next week we visited our neighbours here in Calgary, Ed and Marilyn Doll, in Los Ayala which is the next bay over from Guyabitos which is a bit of a tourist destination. Very different there. Fewer tourists, more Mexican feel. The Dolls have been going there for four years and have bought a condo in the area, so they really LIVE there. We had several beach cantina meals, drove and walked to see some petroglyphs, went on a whale watching cruise and actually followed one–and spent a lot of time on their beautiful beach. It was a very good holiday and was hard to come back to Calgary!!
The next week I had secondary cataracts lasered from my eyeballs. Wow!! I had been looking through dirty windows for a year–and now they’re beautifully clean!!
Life should be quiet for the next little while–a little babysitting while parents go away–but then May 1 we move out again. I think of us as The Three Musketeers! The Wood’s daughter is getting married in Amsterdam on May 4 on a canal boat, and we’re using that as a jumping-off point to take tours in Ireland and Scotland!! We’ll return to Canada May 27.
Last but not least, I have been invited by the Kiwis to join them for two weeks in July to holiday in Viet Nam!! Now, that IS far out!! I said no the first time Scott mentioned it, but the more I thought about it the more it seemed like an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. My travel agent is checking out flights–looks like I’d go through Hong Kong and then to Saigon (HoChiMinh City) where I’d join them–the thought is to spend maybe three days in Hong Kong coming home.
Now it’s on to the boring stuff that has to be done–we all know what that’s about. Seems that the older one gets the longer some of this stuff takes!! Heck–I’m going to go for a walk and not worry about the ironing!!!


Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 by Terry

Viv and I just got back from a trip to Savannah, GA with a sidetrip to St Augustine, FLA. We had to go…the weather has been so bad this winter that I either had to get out of here for a while, or just poke out my eyes with a pointed stick. Either/or. So we chose to go south. Flew from Milwaukee to Cincinnati to Savannah. Was raining like stink in Savannah, so the next day we drove the rental car south until we got to the sun…fairly long way to St Augustine. But the weather there was warm, a bit of sun, and the old city was really neat. Pretty good eating…lots of oysters and seafood and stuff. A couple of days there, until the weather cleared up north, and then up to Savannah.

Savannah was the city featured in that best-seller…Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil….survived the Civil War, and the historic district still has 21 squares, surrounded by gorgeous old mansions…..beaucoup history, lots of Live Oaks with hanging Spanish moss, a brilliant place to walk around aimlessly. We loved it, and of course ate well. Best place had oysters with cilantro-Lime vinaigrette, crispy duck and other delights. Viv had lobster tail, poached pear salad, and braised lamb ribs. A good D’Arenberg Footbolt shiraz, some dessert. Wow. Worth the cost.

Flew back via Atlanta, dodging tornadoes, but we got here. Now planning our next trip….possibly sea kayaking on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Sound good?

For those of you not following Brady’s sporadic missives on his blog….he has thus far survived a Siberian winter but only by the skin of his psyche. Work is crappy, his boss in an old bureaucrat in the true Soviet style (do nothing new), both his camera and computer have broken, the people are generally nasty, he’s had diarrhea lots of times, the Peace Corps bureaucracy is pathetic, they just took away all of their in-country leave summarily etc etc…on the good side, he’s eaten horse, been propositioned by a lonely 35 year old woman who clearly wanted one thing (money), dunked in the river at 20 below C for religious reasons, seen the mighty Rudnyy Miners play hockey etc etc AND he has a great host family (The last ones robbed him).

Tim continues to do fine at St Cloud State…where its often colder than Calgary, Saskatoon or Rudnyy. He has applied to U Wisconsin at Madison for next year. Surprisingly, its not for the academic challenge (tho’ he had the gall to think we’d believe that), but cuz his girlfriend has applied there. To her dismay, St Cloud is NOT the center of cellodom. Though the Lump made Dean’s List last term, he’s not too likely to get into Madison. So strange things may occur….