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The Glider is Done

Thursday, May 29th, 2008 by Ian

At Scott’s urging, I have completed my 3 day glider — it only took 8 months or more!

Pictures here.

Dylan Graduates

Sunday, May 25th, 2008 by Ian

After 12 years of torture — and only a month to go — Dylan had his graduation ceremonies Thursday.

It was a long day but all went well.  I have a gallery of pictures up.

The day went well, ended with a party at a friend’s house (that he didn’t come home from — surprise surprise) and he’s been “grad camping” for the last two days in the rain.  He got home about an hour and a half ago and has been in bed since!

Variety Show Pictures

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 by Ian

Terry asked for them; I put them in the galley (under People, but here’s the links):

That’s all we have so far that are any good…and the last one is debatable….

The Variety Show is Over.

Sunday, May 4th, 2008 by Ian

You probably don’t know, because we were too busy with it to update the blog, but Shelley has spent the last couple of weeks organizing a Variety Show at the church. It was done in the form of “Laugh-In”:  joke wall, dance party, posters, men on trikes and a good dozen acts. It was NOT a smooth and simple operation. It was like herding cats.

Shelley was stage managing and playing Goldie Hawn all night…the ditzy blonde comes naturally to her (Just kidding, Shel!)  There was a core cast of about 10 people including Quinn and myself, and I was one of the acts, singing “If I Had a Million Dollars” with re-written lyrics. So there were rehearsals and practices that went on all week and we ended up with a cast party here at our house last night that went until 2:00AM.

But it’s all over now and we’re all kind of burnt out.  Shel has a cold, she’s completely crashed. I’m just refusing to do ANYTHING today.

Dylan has been doing his high school play all week too, so he’s burnt out too and has some big math tests coming up next week.  Fun, fun, fun, for him!

We were doing the show when you called yesterday, Scott. Of course, it’s now 9:00AM Monday or something so I can’t return your call. I’ll get back soon. Mail me a good time to call…or you can call back.