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Back from Savannah

Monday, September 22nd, 2008 by Ian

Update!  Pictures Here

Well, it took 2 days, but we made it back from Savannah — here’s the story of the trip.  We flew there a week ago Saturday and had a few days to aclimatize before the classes started.  I took two full day classes on Assisted GPS (using a cell phone with some some external base station support to get a position) and Differential GPS (hich, despite all my years in the biz, I have never really dug into).  After that the exhibition and paper presentations went for three days.  Most people headed home Friday night or Saturday, but we stayed on until Sunday — our ultimate downfall — I’ll explain later.

Savannah itself is a pretty cool old place.  Definately a European flavour, but very American.  A bit of a college town it seems.  We found a lot to do, and I’ll be getting some pictures up on the squid in a while.

Getting home, our plane from Savannah to Chicago was late, forcing us to miss our connecting flight, so we went on stand-by for the next and last flight from Chicago to Calgary for the day.  No luck.  The next flight they could get us on was 5:00 tonight!  So, we went to a hotel downtown and made the best of it.  Did a little sightseeing this afternoon, and here we are, back home.

Terry and Viv were going through O’Hare at the same time we were — so we kept our eyes peeled for them, but no luck.  It IS a huge airport, so the chances of actually bumping into them was very low, but I looked at everyone we passed!

Multiple Updates

Thursday, September 11th, 2008 by Ian

Item Number 1: We finally got our last package that we mailed from Europe.  It was sent July 14th from Liverpool and got here today.  We had all forgotten what was even IN IT.  But “Yay” all the same.  We were just starting to think we should put a trace on it or something.

Item Number 2:  Shel and I leave for Savannah, Ga on Saturday morning for a conference that I’m attending.I know my Uncle Terry and Aunt Viv loved Savannah and so did Shelley’s sister Brenda and Kevin.  So….what is there to do there?  It looks nice, but a little ….dull.  Shelley will be happy just lying in the sun by the pool if nothing else, and frankly, I’ll be busy, but what are the “must sees”.  We were thinking of going to Tybee Island on one of our days off, but what else?

Jay Made YouTube.

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 by Ian

A buddy of mine, who I used to play a lot of guitar with, got some of his work put up on Youtube today.  He’s the tall, bald, drink of water playing the yellow guitar on the left.  Have a look at the other videos that are related, he’s in a fair bunch of them.

Way to go Jay!  You’re a “You, Tube, Hero.  Got stars in his eyes”…[sung to Jukebox Hero]