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Dylan got laid off today.

Monday, January 26th, 2009 by Ian

Not through any fault of his own, just the economic downturn and he was low man on the totem pole.  The upshot is that he leaves his job next Friday…a whole week early.

He could have used the money, but to quote him, “At least I’m not feeding a family on that money”.

Wise kid.

Adult Life Starts Here

Sunday, January 25th, 2009 by Scott

This morning we dispacted Sam (Via Kurrow) to start his adult life!! One week today he starts at the Alcan/Rio Tinto aluminum smelter in Invercargill as an Process engineer. He is working in the “metal products” division. What that means even Sam does not know. We do know that the very pure metal from this plant goes into the A380 wings, and 305 of the worlds electronics.

Cool eh!

This just in!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 by Ian

Dylan got accepted to the University of Lethbridge for the Fall 2009 session.  For starters, he’s aiming at a BA in English, but who knows what he’ll end up with?  We’re both proud and (I am) relieved that he’s going back.

Good luck to the kid.

More slowness…

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 by Ian

It doesn’t seem like anyone has much to say here anymore.  I think Facebook has taken away my readership!  Ah well, I will continue using this website as my little family journal, full of the ridiculousness that goes on in my family.

Since Christmas:

  • Dylan is preparing to go to New Zealand for six months with a friend of his on the SWAP program.  He leaves here on February 17, spends a few days in Fiji, then gets into Auckland and has to find a job and a place to live.  The program gives him a couple nights accomodation and help with the job search.  Their plan, currently, is to try and get some migratory fruit picking jobs and work down the North Island, after a month or two, come back to the Auckland area to get an apartment, and hopefully save enough money to spend the last couple weeks traveling — South Island and Australia.  I think Shelley and I are a little nervous about it, but Scott is never more than a couple hours away, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.
  • Dylan had a minor car accident in his Mazda.  Not much body damage at all, but he seems to have bent a tie rod and the steering wheel spins freely…The steering isn’t connected to anything, so the front tires point in different directions.  I’m assuming he broke the steering gear, and a mechanic wanted more to fix it than the car is worth, so I’ve got the car up on jack stands in the garage so I can have a look.  I might be able to get it going again fairly cheaply, but if not, I guess it’s done.
  • I broke my big toe but I didn’t go to a doctor because, I’m told, they can’t do anything about it anyway.  It sure did swell up and bruise though.  I know you wondering — how did I manage that?  Kicking the car?  No.  I fell down the stairs.
  • Shelley’s place of employment, Laura’s Petites, has closed for renovations, so her hours are way down.  I think she’s enjoying being able to sleep in a bit.  She’s still working out of the Chinook store, and will be until the Southcentre store is open again.
  • Quinn will be turning 14 in a couple weeks.  That means he’ll want his learner’s license so he can start driving.  We’ll have to see if he’s ready for it.
  • [EDIT: I already thought of something]:  I’ve added a weight tracking graph again.  Click on my weight down there on the left hand side and see how (poorly) I’m doing.

I can’t think of much else going on here.  Anyone else care to add something?

“Happy New Year”,

Thursday, January 1st, 2009 by Ian

he said whilst rubbing sleep out of his eyes and chewing on his tongue trying to get some sensation back in it.