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Ian “the Underwater thrill Seeker” Lives

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 by Scott

So no flying yet eh! Just more excuses. Boo hoo swiming and moving a car .. boo hoo.

Scuba – very very cool. I’m glad that you are enjoying it. Don’t worry about running out of air as you can just stand up (wink). When I learned I found the pool time more stressful that the open water work for some weird reason. You will enjoy it and you are smart enough not to get into any difficulty. The scariest thing I did diving was the DEEP dive to 120 feet. We we went deep as part of the rescue learning to see who got nitrogen nircosis. I didn”t but my buddy did. Decompression stops are scary for a prairie boy.

No Scott, I’m not avoiding you…

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 by Ian

…I’ve been busy.  Kinda.  And a little lazy.

Yes, I hid in the garage and got the stupid car out of my parking space.  That’s been nagging on me for months.  And the weather turned foul too, so flying was out anyway.   I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it!

I also started scuba lessons on Monday, whcih Shelley gave me for Christmas.  It was VERY cool.  I can see myself totally forgetting that I’m breathing out of a can and running out of air.  They train you to check almost continuously…not to worry.  It was the first 4 hour lesson out 5, then I have to do my open water dive…I can choose Lake Minnewanka or Lake Chapparell (A community lake).  Whee!  COLD water!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing.  Need to get Dylan’s car to the shop for an alignment, and it does make a funny noise (maybe because it sat so long?  Not sure.), but it runs and moves so I’m almost there.  AND IT’S OUT OF MY PARKING SPACE IN THE GARAGE!!  SO exciting!

Things to Learn

Sunday, May 24th, 2009 by Scott

Well team

As most of you know by now my, MFish is proposing a restructuring that if it comes to pass would see my job change significantly, be moved to Wellington or elinamted. We’re in a submission period and come 12 June (when Cheif Executive announces his decision) I’ll know more. To be clear the ONLY thing that worries me is being “reconfirmed” (ie forced) into a job that I hate or is boring. The mortgage is paid, Sam is finished University, my redundancy payment is about a year’s salary, most of my real skills are transferable and that really opens up opportunities to reinvent Scott or head down a new career path. Just like Terry!

Another learning moment was during a great session flying on Sunday. I use my nighbours Alfalfa paddockjust next door flying in one corner. Well I’d just about drained a battary and thought “one more circut at low power” but as I went to make my turn to base I stalled the plane (due to flat battary) and plopped into the very top of the ONE TREE on the place. Well I got to climb all the way up, recue the plane and then get back down. Botht he plan and I survived. What did I learn?



Did Ian Go Flying????

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 by Scott

Well I’ve been bugging Ian to learn to fly radio contol model airplanes. Im so sure he’d like it if he got the basic skills mastered. YEARS ago he got a good radio and at my suggestion got a slope soarer that he’s duly built. I’ve been bugging him to go out and FLY the dang thing. Chuck it off the slope … On the weekend he promised me he’s head out and try .. the only question that reamins is … did he go flying …… or hide in the garage?

Dylan’s Car.

Monday, May 18th, 2009 by Ian

Since Dylan lost steering after a minor accident on December 27, 2008, his car has been in the garage where my car SHOULD be.  He actually managed to break the “rack” as in “Rack and Pinion Steering” —  snapped it in right in half — the steering wheel turned with no connection to the wheels.  Sigh.  The shop wanted $1800 to fix it, which is more than the car is worth, so I figured I’d give it a try.   If I could fix it, great.  If not, the Kidney Foundation will give you $50 and tow it away.

So, I spent the winter scraping windows and warming up my car despite having a nice warm spot in the garage intended for an ADULT car.  Well, today I FINALLY got the steering gear out of the silly thing.  In the Haynes book it always looks SO simple. ” Just remove these four bolts, and these two hoses and away you go”.  But, as most of you know, there’s ALWAYS a hitch.  One fool nut that I COULDN’T get off and I ended up rounding badly.  So annoying.  Yesterday I ended up taking a drill to it to cut as much as I could off it and then WHACKED it with a screwdriver and hammer until the nut cracked and came off.  VICTORY!  Kinda.

The next “easy step” was removing the power steering hoses.  I couldn’t for the life of me get them to budge either —  Release-All and everything.  Nothing.  On my friend George’s suggestion I went out today and bought a “line wrench”.  It’s just like a regular closed wrench, but with a notch cut at the end to get it over a line.  Worked like a charm and the steering gear is out.  Putting it back in should be easy — SHOULD BE.  We’ll see.

It’ll need an alignment when I’m all through, and the tie rod ends were totally shot, so it’s probably good to replace those, but they’re cheap.  All told, it’ll be about $300.  Not bad.  Hopefully we can sell it for a grand or so and be done with it.