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Dylan Sighted

Monday, July 27th, 2009 by Scott

We had the extreme pleasure of young Dylan’s company over the last couple of days. He popped over to Nelson for a couple of a days before he starts his treck back to Canada. He and a mate have rented a car and are driving from Welly to Auckland via the east coast. A great road trip! We sent him on his way with a banana, two ham sandwiches and a half a box of cereal.

Ian and Shelly you are going to have to get ready for a fine young man to return, he’s grown up, matured and further developed his distintive style. You are not getting youir boy back but a new and improved version of a young man. Plus he has new tats and a couple of new peircings …. very stylish (in a maim yourself with industrial fittings kind of way).

Busy Times.

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 by Ian

Over the last week or so:

  • We bought a new Honda Accord.  We don’t actually have it yet, but we should get it mid-next week.
  • We set the wheels in motion to buy out our Toyota minivan.  Need to make monthly payment room for the Accord!  The lease was up, so that was the plan anyway.
  • We took the old Mazda to the shop to get aligned and found that THEY CAN’T!  The parts store gave me a rack that was TOO LONG.   I’m sorry, but I’m DONE with that car — though I feel horribly guilty about it — it’s just not worth it for a car that will only be driven for month.  Dylan gets my Civic anyway.
  • I found out I’m going to Santa Barbara this next week.  Just a quick 4 day jaunt to see a consultant, but I really like it there.  You can just imagine the movie stars walking up the beach, paparazzi it tow…
  • The day after I get back from Santa Barbara, I’m off to Beijing, China for about a week.  I only found out yesterday, started getting a visa and only discovered today WHY I’m going.  The original plan was to fly there on July 31 and back on August 4, but I’m taking an extra two days to see the sights.

There was all that AND the usual minutia full of sick cats, injured children, buying Flames Season tickets and HOT nights full of everything BUT sleep.  Next week will be the real pain, SB on Sunday, home Wednesday, pick up car Thursday, Beijing Friday, jet lag until I get back followed by more jet lag.

AND of course I wanted to be here when Dylan gets back from New Zealand (on the August 2nd), but we’ll probably be crossing opposite directions across the Pacific instead.  Sigh.  I feel guilty about that one too.

C.C. and Gingers

Thursday, July 16th, 2009 by Ian

The facebook people know about this, but I had to post it here.  There was some discussion about weather Rye and Ginger was “Awesome” or “Awful”.  I, of course, come down on the Awesome side.  Then I stumbled on the ad here in Wired magazine.  Too funny!!!

PADI Qualification.

Thursday, July 9th, 2009 by Ian

I am now a PADI qualified, open water, scuba diver.

Though the open water portion was just in Lake Chaparral — not very deep — the class was actually a lot of fun, and I can see myself actually GOING scuba diving now.  I had no trouble with it, though, like Scott has said, going really deep (100ft and deeper) would freak me out I think.  I’m qualified to 60 feet only, which doesn’t seem like it’d be too bad — though I’ve never been deeper than 25ft.

The lessons were a Christmas gift from Shelley — I think so she would have an excuse to lie on the beach in a tropical place — so thanks!