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Scott’s Going Away Present

Sunday, October 18th, 2009 by Ian

I’m putting this up here for Scott.  It’s the caricature that his team had done for him as a going away gift from the ministry.  Pretty cool!  Apparently, Daryl Crimp is quite well known in New Zealand.  Click the image to see a bigger version.

Life outside Ministry of Fisheries

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 by Scott

Hi Team Update time …

So after a week in the new place I think its time to update everyone on what is happening. I had two weeks off to rest and catch up on things. I slept a lot and suspect I was very very tired from the stess and strain of the last couple of months. So what has been done;
* Bought a fancy new camera (Canon 500d DSLR with a big ass lense)
* Chores too numerous to count but resulting in most of the house projects being finished
* more sleep

Leigh had her surgery and while th main game is going well she is not recoverering as quickly as she had hoped. nothing serious just some small post operation set backs. I’ve been doing double duty looking after her as well ….

So the Cawthron. Its relaxed, Very very relaxed. Everyone is nice, kind gentle and rather sweeet. I share an office with an Australian, the only other noisy one on campus. The PhD to regular person ratio is about 1:3 with Masters being the Minnimum standard really. Met a guy today who collect endanged bird sperm.

I like it.

We’re going to get cracking on some proects for freshwater reseach and allocation. My kinda stuff. I think the Cawthron institute is going to work ou. I feel myself thinking big thoghts already … real opportunities here … they have NO idea what they have unleased in their midst.