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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 by Ian

Various aspects of The Squid have been updated.  If you see anything that’s broken, please let me know.

Your Admins.

Some online stuff…

Friday, November 6th, 2009 by Ian

I just threw up Dylan’s Bungy videos on YouTube.  You might want to have a look.  The “Thrillogy”:

The first one was the original Bungy jump bridge where it all started.

This is the high one…134 m

The last one.  Can you tell he’s comfortable with it!?

5 Years on…

Sunday, November 1st, 2009 by Ian

Just a note to point out it’s been 5 years since Dad’s death.

Today I drove out the the cemetery and took a few pictures.  Cold, sunny day.

I miss the old guy.  Have a Rye and Ginger for him.

[Edit: If you’re wondering exactly here it is:  Look here on Google Maps]

Missive from Scott

Sunday, November 1st, 2009 by Ian

Right the weekend … action packed is the work.,  I had a thoughly good time.

Okay Friday, shot home after work and mowed the lawn and packed.  I picked nick up at the airport at 8 and took him to the freehouse until about Midnight.  Nick is a great beer enthusiast, a “real ale spotter”  but it does make a couple of half pints VERY interesting.  We hooted with laughter and solved the worlds problems.  Nick just received $48 K to put together a play about science .. electo- dynamic blah blah  some such … its an absolute HOOT.  Very social and enjoyable.  I kept me consumption to tastes as i was driving home.  I think you wold like him, he is introverted enough for you …

Okay Nick and partner were dropped off I headed home and witnessed a boy racer spin out going around a round about go off the road hit a bank then slide across the median and oncoming traffic.  As I got to his car to check him .. he  spun off and took off … … probably pissed ..anyway called the cops and they caught him later on … Not looking good for Stanley and his bright red Nissan hot rod.

Leigh had us up at 6 am, dressed coffeed and on the road to Hanmer Spring.  A little town built around a hot pool complex.  I slept for a couple of hours and then drove the last hour.  Arriving well rested.  We met Jocelyn and Rex Johnstone.  Leigh and Joce worked together at the Christchurch Star years ago … and are fast friends.  Anyway we had no formal plans but we were open to new stuff so we played a round of “chip and putt golf” and since none of us are very good it was pretty even and lot of laughter and “assistance’ offered.  Even Leigh who never held a club played!  Then we lunched …. napped and the girls and I went for a very long walk through the forest arriving in time for a glass of wine by the fire and leasurly dinner plans.  I did have lamb on a sweet potato mash and salad … HHHHHOOooooo good.

Had fun with the camera as well …. I have attached a series of pictures from the weekend ……

The next day was a latish start then another long long walk, coffee and then ultimately lunch  .  We then played “mini-golf” since we’d done so well the day before.  Everyone was competitive and had fun.  Rex took me for a fly fishing lesson, we had a quiet wine then the drive home ….