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Odd Little Story

Monday, July 12th, 2010 by Ian

Over the last 8 months or a year, we have had beer cans showing up on our front lawn in the morning.  Sometimes one; sometimes two.  Not every night, once or twice a week.  “Odd”, I say to myself.

Finally, it started getting a little annoying — so, being a geek and all, I set up a camera with motion trigger software to see who was doing it.  Lots of video of “the wind” and cats, and bugs on the window, but two night now I have caught the culprit — it’s our paper “boy”.  I put “boy” in quotes, because he’s old enough to drive, and could be 38 for all I know.   Some nights he drives up, throws cans on our lawn while delivering our paper and drives off.

“Strange”, I have to say.

We’re pursuing this — to get him off the road — I’m good with the cans…10 cents off the paper every day!

But that’s not the important part.

This is the only time in my entire life I have had a video camera running on the front yard … albeit at night only — but that’s when the interesting stuff happens, right?

No entirely so.  Sometime on the weekend, someone stole the flower hook off our front lawn!  A big 7 foot wrought iron rod.  I hear you thinking — “Aha!  The camera caught them!”  NO!!!  Unbelievably they pinched it DURING THE DAY after I shut the camera off.

So frustrating!

[UPDATE!    I went for a walk and found the plant hook about 10 houses away standing on someone’s front step.  I assume some asshat kids took it and threw it on their lawn!  Well, that’s a little bit nice! ]