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Netflix Canada…meh

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 by Ian

So, like a lot of people, I thought Netflix in Canada was gonna be great.  $8.00 a month for unlimited movies and TV shows.  Sounds like a deal!  Not so fast.  Have a look at the comments on the Netflix Blog.

Selection is piss poor.  I really want to give it a chance, but 19 out of 20 titles I looked for were “Not Available”.  Not one “Star Wars”, Quentin Tarentino movie, not one classic we looked for (Gone with the Wind, Casablanca), not one TV show, (Glee, House)…

There are probably about 8 movies available that I would like to see.  I guess I can watch them in my free month and then cancel.  Too bad — it shows promise.

I’m left wondering what the problem is.  Is it the f***ing CRTC again — man they bug me?  CanCon? Is it that Global and CTV have bought up the rights to everything?  Or is it Netflix just rolling out a half baked system.  I guess only time will tell, but if it’s longer than a month, I’d say it’ll die soon afterwards.

Yes, I Hate Plumbing.

Monday, September 20th, 2010 by Ian

On the way home today I got a panicked call from Shelley that the toilet in he back bathroom was overflowing.  “How bad could it be?”, I thought.  ”  The most you could get would be a tank full.  Well, I was wrong and it was bad enough.

Shel and Quinn managed to get the water turned off, but it was actually the bob valve at the top of the tank that failed — that coupled with the fact that bowl had been draining “slowly” of late, and sometimes not at all.  Honestly, it was on my list to replace — the whole toilet — but I hadn’t yet.

So, the good news is that it was MOSTLY clean water.  The bad news is that there was quite a bit of it.  We’re done mopping now, Shelley’s having a shower and the upstairs portion is dry.  We’ve got fans running in the basement to dry out the (open joist — thankfully) ceiling in the crawl space.  All that’s left is to go through the stuff that got wet and decide to keep in and clean it or chuck it.

Not exactly what any of us had planned for the evening….

Quinn is now taller than Dylan

Saturday, September 4th, 2010 by Ian

I had to post this little note on the auspicious occasion of Quinn, finally surpassing Dylan in height.

We measured about an hour ago and Quinn’s got a good half inch on him already.

Frank 2010

Saturday, September 4th, 2010 by Ian

Sadly, one of our kittens was hit and killed by a car a couple nights ago. He had failed to come home that evening and I saw no sign of him in the morning — but I did get a call from our vet that another clinic was looking up his ear tattoo information. Turned out to be bad news. Someone had found him and took him in — he didn’t suffer. At least we know what happened to him.

His sister Marley is beside herself and can’t understand what’s happened and why we won’t let her outside now.

So, in 9 months we have lost: Our first cat, Schroeder — he had a good long life and lived to be 17 years old; Quinn’s cat, Kiaora — 5 years old and died of Lymphoma; and now Frank, an 8 month old kitten.

Sucks to be us currently.