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It begins…

Friday, September 29th, 2006 by Ian

I just started ripping out our rotten ensuite tiled shower tonight.  What a mess.  Where there should have been some nice white drywall there’s a rotten mush.  It looks like it was sealed in and vapour barriered pretty well though so I haven’t hit any rotten wood yet (knock on some other wood). My plan is to have it all ripped out this weekend while Shelley is away in Edmonton, so we can start deciding what we want to do with it next week.

A Tree Fell On The Cottage

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 by Vivian

There was a storm in the middle of the night on Sunday. I got the call, Sunday morning, from Lynn and Ken. Marlene was away, but she heard that the storm was as bad as the one back in August. The hydro came back on more quickly this time, and fewer trees came down. I figure that’s because so many trees already came down in August.

Go to my Flickr site to see the photos that Mr. Mole took. (In case you hadn’t noticed, there are links to our Flickr sites at the top of this page.) As I understand it from Joan, the tree has already been removed from the roof.

New and Exciting Queens

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 by Scott

Howdy All I just wanted to tell you that I have requeened my four hives with fresh young queens …. and yes ladies it is the way of the world to replace your old queen with a fresh young one regularly!!!  It went very well and I have four very strong hives coming into spring.  At $20 a pop they had better be good.  I’ve also figuired out the varroa managment strategy around here and I’m in good shape really … i’ll have to move my hives late summer so they can poison the wild bees but i should be good otherwise. 


What IS it with us and furniture?

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 by Ian

First there was the well publicized “trim” fiasco with Lane Furnishings which I won’t go into AGAIN.

Then, we got a family room coffee table and end table set that I had to return TWICE because the top of the coffee tables were scratched and we ended up keeping one (40% off) dispite the scratch…and of course noticed only AFTER I put them together.

Then, we ordered some living room tables which were delivered 4 weeks late, and upon opening the box we found they had been mashed in transit. They picked those back up, and ate all the costs. No, we were getting smart and I didn’t assemble them…full inspection first!

Now we just picked up $1000 dollars worth of living room coffee table and end table. Good store, good manufacturer, and again they had been on order for two or three weeks. GUESS WHAT!?


This time it was the veneer on the front, it looks like it just didn’t stick. ANY QA would have found it. It was a little bit funny in that we were joking as we opened the box, what we would do if they were damaged. Grrrr. I put it together anyway so we don’t have to use the box as an end table while we wait for a replacement.

Now, this was four separate stores, five occations, all damage was different: manufacturing, shipping, idiot salesmen. How the hell do these companies make money? Some of them were very well known manufacturers and stores. What’s up?!

Or are we just unlucky?

Alive and Well!

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006 by Scott

As with Ian there are just a few things to update you on ….. starting with the most fun.

Sam and I had five days of winter holiday down in Queenstown.  It was my first trip there ever and I have to say, Sam and I had a great time.  The town itself could be canmore, banff, tahoe ect but the environs were very very nice We flew down, the approach being made up a river valley.  Its not often in a 737 that you can see the people on the hill tops above you only a couple hundred metres away.  We rented a ford “Territory” an Australian made and design AWD crossover thingy.  Other than the fuel consumption (HUGE) its was great, as there no road feel or skill needed … just point it and go.  We skied about four times, for me the skills came back fast, but the fitness well … that was the weak link.  I generally skied half days and Sam skied full days.  We got a ride in on the Shotover jet (google it)  and spend the rest of the time exploring before driving up to Christchurch and then flying home.  I found that as long as I handed someone a hundred dollars every few hours, we had a good time.  Sam had to work like a demented squirrel the rest of the holiday. 

Oh … we’ve changed our coins this month.  Gone are the big clunky coins replaced with a 10 cent piece that is copper, a 20 cent piece that is about the size of a quarter and a fifty cent piece that is just a little bigger than that.  The same one and two dollar coins as before.  If anyone wants a few, please let me know. 

Spring is coming fast with the warmer weather, the lambs and daffodils!  Lots of daffs.  My bees are looking very strong right now with the colonies building fast and spring nector flowing.  I’m a bit worried about swarming but I think I’ll be okay.  I’ve started mowing and spraying and generally knocking back the weeds, grass and trees.  Oh yah I had a guy in to help me top the row of lawson cypress alsong the drive.  We took about 5 m off the 15 m height.  We even saw a few very early ducklings! 

Lastly I have had some sucess flying my radio controlled gliders.  I’ve built and been testing a slope soarer as well as my floater. Its been fun and the group of guys who fly are very nice. 

 Anyway …. thats it from here ……