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Scott’s Fine But…

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 by Ian

I got this email from Scott last night — It’s all I’ve heard, but Sam confirms Scott is okay:

Last night I lost control of the pug, spun went into a deep ditch
at 80 km , hit a culvert, rolled end ti end twice and landed on the
roof. I was out of the car in 2 seconds and have nothing but a nasty
bruise on my hip, some scratches and a up to date tetnus shot to show for
it. The car I fear is written off ….

I got a ride an an ambulance, met all the local police and fire people ….

Oh I broke my glasses …

Really I’m sore, a bit stiff but will be back in the saddle tomorrow .

Sam has already lined up three possible replacements.

The pictures that go with it are here and here.

Remembering Warren

Sunday, October 28th, 2007 by Ian

Well, it’s been three years (plus a day — I was sick yesterday) since Warren’s passing.  I think I’m going to head out to the cemetary today and hang out for a little while, but I don’t really have anything else planned.  Scott implied he was going to go to Dad’s favourite restaurant in NZ for a bite.  Anyone else doing anything?  Terry and Viv?

Terry’s Questions

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 by Scott

1/ how do you inspect for AFB…what are you looking at that tells you there is a problem?

Ahhhh this involves shaking the bees off and inspecting each and every frame and cell in the hive. There are 22 double sided frames in each (two box) hive. I’m looking at each brood cell to see if ithere are discoloured or shruncken (or both). Its a LONG and boring job.

2/ Are there people charging to bring their bees to agriculturalists? Like the migrating beekeepers in the US.

Yes but not the huge distances. Currently there are pollenation hives in the orchard below us. Pollenation is a major source of income for most bee keepers. Honey hardly pays the bills.

3/ What happened to the All Blacks? (oops sorry about that question).

The entire country has taken a vow not to speak of that game. I’m sorry but I cannot comment (choke) …

4/ Does the old queen croak on her own or do the bee peons just kick her out in the cold? (you might have told me this once, but I fergot).

Good question. When the hive gets too big (crowded) or the queen gets a bit old and she cannot produce enough “queen smell” the hive produces a new queen and the “old queen” and about half the bees fills up on honey and buggers off. They look for a new home and settle there. The fact that the hives have swarmed means I’ve over looked some aspect of their management

5/ So how close are you to where the home grown ecoterrorists and Maori separatists were having their war games?

A long long way. They were playing up in the Bay of Plenty. Every villige has its idiot(s) we just are lucky enough to know our idiots by name. Did you see the leader? A fat guy with facial tats in surplus camo clothes two sizes too small???

6/ What happened to the All Blacks (oops sorry again).

You should get onto our sports radion (ia internet) I’m sure someone there is diuscussing it … maybe.

Bee stuff

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007 by Scott

Well, Terry has expressed interest in bee stuff and I thought I’d update you all on what is going on. This weekend I caught three swarms. I’ll put some picture up in the gallery for you to look at (Ian, insert link here) but the gist is that I have a bunch of important things to do ASAP.

  • Each hive needs a complete AFB inspection (every hive every cell)
  • Re-queen – each hive gets a new queen every spring. The poor WX means I’m about a month late. They are costing $20 per this year and next year I might even try to raise my own.
  • Move hives to their summer areas. Now, this is complicated by having three hives belonging to a new beekeeper and he lives at the north of the city (about 40 minutes away). I’ve been on his back to find a home for his hives near to his place but he has not come through so I’ve found a place and will take the hives out this week. Monday night I dropped a nuc box of bees off on his doorstep to remind him to get on with it … My hives will go to Ruby Bay and I’ll keep one or two at home. In a few week I’ll put on the honey boxes and let them have at putting up honey.

What else do you want to know Terry?


Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 by Ian

Sorry, for the slow traffic on The Squid lately, I’ve been feeling very “burnt out” lately with the renovations winding down and work winding up. Just tired and not interested in anything. You know.

I did have some big news with work though. Our company will be bought by Hexagon AB, a large Venture Capital/Conglomerate out of Sweden — but based in London. WE don’t really anticipate any big change in our work. We’ll just be part of a larger company. Time will tell!