This Anthrax scare is really

October 17th, 2001 by Ian

This Anthrax scare is really starting to annoy me.
Okay, there have been 4 or 5 envelopes mailed with anthrax in them. Fine. They have been sent to news agencies, government agencies and big companies IN THE STATES. I guess it’s fair for those people to be concerned.
But evacuating post offices and communities in Winnipeg!? People in Calgary calling the police to ask if they should open their mail?! Evacuating office buildings in Halifax!? Come on! Why on earth would terrorists send anthrax to some small company in Halifax!? These people need to get lives!
Every whiite powder is being treated as a bio-terror. Ridiculous! At least wait for something to be found in Canada.
On top of all this, Anthrax is NOT contagious person-to-person, and easily treatable.

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