So, I let Shelley go away…

July 2nd, 2004 by Ian

…by herself (with Quinn) for a couple days. What do I get back? This. Here’s a close up. She’s fine, probably should have gotten stitches, but she didn’t, so we will likely have a “get the scar fixed” issue to deal with.

4 Responses to “So, I let Shelley go away…”

  1. Reilly (your nephew) Says:

    OUCH!!!aunty shelley its reilly your nephew here in case you forgot and hello uncle ian, what happened to you eye?!?!! mom never really gave the details. I found your website because it was written down by the computer and just figured it was yours…and it was. cool. that looks painful dont poke yourself in the eye so hard its not right.haha, see yeah

  2. Scott Says:

    What the hell happened. Do I need to send in the Social welfare people?

  3. Ian Says:

    That’s pretty much everyone’s response Scott. Shel didn’t want to go out in public so she wouldn’t have to answer “awkward” questions.

    The full story is that she was playing “froggy” (hopping around the room like a frog) with our friend’s six year old and they connected heads. She thinks her glasses smashed into her eyelid causing the cut, and the rest of her eye just bruised up.

  4. Scott Says:


    I figured it was somthing like that buit yu know me …. never keep you mouth shut when you have the opportunity. Although I would quetion your sense about puttingthe photo on the web … GEEZE. Anyway wish S well .. and we are laughing like hell down here (also shivering in the cold)


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