Tough Week

July 25th, 2004 by Ian

We were at Shelley’s family reunion at Fairmont Hot Springs last weekend, and drove the kids to camp, near Halkirk, ALberta (east of Stettler). That was a long drive. Along the way, we found out that a school chum of Quinn’s (not a good friend, but a recess kind of friend) was killed by his uncle. It SEEMS that his uncle had stopped taking his medication, and drown the boy, but they really haven’t figured out what happened yet.

Anyway, we DIDN’T tell Quinn, as we couldn’t tell him then leave him at camp alone for a week, so we told him last night after we got him home. It was not easy. An accident is one thing, but having to explain that he was killed is another.

Today was the funeral, Quinn and another friend didn’t want to go, so we spent some time at our church and had a little memorial the kids could be a part of. Shelley did a REALLY good job getting it together and running it “like a real funeral”. The kids got to light some candles. The parents all cried. You know…

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