Okay, so it IS cancer…

July 30th, 2004 by Ian

Yes, my father has been diagnosed with cancer. However, I WILL not let myself believe that it’s a done deal – game over. Far from it. Yes, the following months are going to be hard, especially for him and my mother, but it can be beaten and nobody’s purposes are served by being negative about it. The real question is: how far along is it? The outlook is better the earlier it’s detected…we have to wait for these kinds of answers…Yes, it’s uncharacteristically optimistic of me, but that’s how I’m dealing with it. It IS pissing me off that I feel like I should be DOING something.

I’m a little concerned about the kids. They don’t know (and don’t read the blog) and we’re not sure when we’ll tell them. It’s just been such a crappy spring/summer for them. Outwardly they SEEM okay, but I know inside it’s building up a bit.

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