April 11th, 2005 by Ian

With Viv asking, I decided I had better post an update to the website:

  1. Shelley’s sister is much better and went home yesterday. It would seem that it was “just a viral thing” and is passing.
  2. Dylan’s friend in the hospital with pain in his legs is also getting out right away. They determined that he had an infection in left femur. He’ll be getting 24 hour antibiotics for 10 days or so, but it is clearing up now.

In other news, Shelley took Dylan to the airport this morning (at 5:00AM) for his sailing trip. He seemed fairly low key about it, but I think he’ll enjoy it! I’ll report more on that when he gets back on Friday — maybe even some pictures!

Wart Sit Rep: 2 down, many more to go. Still getting chemo injections. I’ll get more on the 28th.

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