Horn of Plenty

February 25th, 2006 by Scott

Its that time of the year again … when all the fruit trees start to bear and the garden is full of produce. Everything is about a month or more ahead of normal. Right …..this weekend we are harvesting “Prima” apples (an american variety from the 1950’s) and “Egremont Russet” (an 1870s apple). Both are off three year old trees and there is a tonne of fruit. The Granny smiths and the cider apples are not that far away but being two year old trees there is not so much to deal with. There are five other trees that will ready to pick in the next few weeks. Also all the heritage tomatoes are ripe and we have a huge pile of meaty tasty toms to get through. The veggie garden is now waining with only tomatoes, squash and a few lettuce to be harvested.

I also noted that the hazel nuts are starting to drop (again early) so I’ll have to get those gathered up, dried shelled and convereted into fress duhka. We are just at the end of the plum season with the prune plums finishing off. I always think of Warren when the plums are fresh. We have to be very careful at plum time as it is too easy to much on plums all day …. until you have had too many.

Lastly its time to harvest the honey. We have had a dream season and there is a about 100 kilos of honey to get out and harvested. The bees seem very happy about it all with all three hives booming along. I’ll get the honey into the garage this week and plan on spinning it out this week in the evening.

Now if you all lived here I would post you boxes of fresh, organic, heritage fruit nuts and honey. I’ll send you pictures instead. I hope everyone up there is in good shape.

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