Hot Water Tank Installed – No floods!

November 5th, 2006 by Ian

I spent the weekend getting all the parts and installing a new hot tub hot water tank. There were no real hitches, just a bit of a gas scare. It went like this:

Walter (a neighbour) and I got the tank down the basement, disconnected everything, TURNED OFF THE GAS, then disconnected the gas lines from the tank. A whiff of gas, obviously, as there was sure to be a little left in the stub of pipe. It was, however, right then that the furnace (about 2 feet away behind me) started up. Woof! Just the furnace, no flashover, but it put the fear of God into me I can tell you! At that point we realized that MAYBE we should put a piece of tape or something over pipe opening. No? Duh! Much scurrying looking for tape!
It was leaking a little bit (the ball valves probably aren’t very good), as the tape was buldging out a bit. But we got it done with no further scares.

The one thing i found annoying was that the previous owner had piped the hot tub in with “Poly B” pipe, which just crimps to everything, including the hot water tank coupling. Well, I broke an elbow of the pipe, so I had to fix it. They don’t SELL Poly B anymore. Has to be done with Pex. So I needed to buy 10 feet of Pex and 4 different adapters and connecters to get the (Frankenstein like) job done. Also, the crimping too for Pex pipe costs $400!! I rented one for $15 but give me a break!

So that was the weekend here. Quinn as away in Little Bow with a friend’s family, Dylan worked a bunch and Shelley is now at the Dixie Chicks concert. Almost sleepy time for me!

3 Responses to “Hot Water Tank Installed – No floods!”

  1. Terry Says:

    Now the Kamikaze Kid is playing with gas!!!! “It was leaking a bit…as the tape was bulging out a bit….jeeeez man

  2. Ian Says:

    Heh heh! SOUNDS really bad, but there was no real danger I don’t think. It takes hours for enough gas to accumulate, even if the pipe was wide open, for there to be danger of a flash. No worries now anyway as it’s over!

  3. scott Says:

    have engineers ever heard of corks or caps …. i mean TAPE …

    Well done ian another williamson dieces wit death and survives

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