Big Week Around Here

December 7th, 2006 by Ian

As I just fired off in an email to Scott, it’s been a bit of a big week here at our house. Mixed in with the usual routine has been:

Quinn got his braces. We knew it was coming, and in fact at one point,Quinn actually WANTED braces, but he’s got them now and I don’t think he’s enjoying it a whole lot. His teath are achy, obviously, and all the chaffing that happens. It’ll settle down soon I’m sure, but he’s a whiney guy like his Dad. So that was Monday. Last night, he got invited to the Guns N Roses concert, at the last minute, by a friend and his Dad. I have to admit that we were getting worried around 2:00 (I had heard that the show would go late…1:00 ish), so I called the Police non-emergency number to find out if the show was over or what (where else can you call?!). They had obviously received a lot of calls, because the constable that I talked to said she had checked about 10 minutes earlier and it was expected to be over by 2:20. Late night, and needless to say we all slept in.

And TODAY, Shelley had her eyes “laser corrected” so she won’t need glasses any more. She’s upstairs right now, sitting in bed with her sunglasses on (24 hours of that), listening to a “book on tape” (no TV or reading for 24 hours). They are hurting her now that the freezing has worn off, but she has some numbing drops to take right before bed that will help. She should be good after a few days. Already she can read more with her glasses off than I can, so it’s close. She’s wanted to do this for years because she WAS as blind as a bat without glasses or contacts.

I think that’s it. Dylan and I are just trying to be accommodating of our sore achy family!

4 Responses to “Big Week Around Here”

  1. scott Says:

    Well things sure stay chaotic at your house. i’m very jealous of shelley’s surgery … I’d love to have it. We receiveved yur presents and yours are in the post .

  2. Ian Says:

    Yes, we keep moving! Shelley’s eye are so good so far. We got a little worry because she could see GREAT on Saturday, then Sunday morning it was quite blurry in one eye. We called the office and say it’s perfectly normal and it will go back and forth for a week or so and should settle down after that.

    Can’t you get your eye done down there? Too expensive? The price has come down A LOT here, but we still didn’t cheap out. I don’t think your sight is something you want to mess with.

    I’ll let you know when parcels arrive.

  3. Terry Says:

    Quinn…sore teeth are no fun…I went through that for a long time…but the end result is worth it! And the same will be true for you, Shelley…free of encumbrances…too cool…

  4. Shelley Says:

    Terry – love the eyes! I would tell anyone to do it. I keep telling Ian that I am thinking that I need to take my contacts out. Very nice to be able to see what you are doing as soon as you get out of bed – no search for glasses or fumbling with contacts.
    Happy Hannukah to Viv and all of you – any special plans for the holidays? Brady home yet?
    Talk to you soon – maybe at Christmas

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