We survived the weekend! The

February 25th, 2002 by Ian

We survived the weekend! The last week was really busy, with funerals, dinners and guests arriving along with the usual stuff. Crazy.
So, for a quick recap of the last week:
Tuesday started with Elenor’s funeral. Depressing, but nice to see her kids again. I suggested that we, “Children of Canford”, should get together some time. Mike, Joe and Therese live in town and only Tim wouldn’t be around. Sounds like fun, that. Anyway, after that was over I spent the afternoon (and evening) ripping out the carpet downstairs. (sarcasm on) That was alot of fun (sarcasm off). The people who added on to the downstairs actually built the wet bar, desk and closet walls ON TOP OF THE CARPET! So I had to just cut the carpet as close in as I could. I decided it wouldn’t be good to try and pull it out from under.
Wednesday, the new carpet came. Looks good (and smells better!) Actually I just like the fact that we know it’s clean. The old carpet was really repulsive once we pulled it up and we bleached a fair bit of the floor underneith.
Thursday, Shelley’s sister and family arrived.
Friday was … well .. just Friday
Saturday, I took the kids skiing to Nakiska. It was alot of fun actually. Not too crowded, maybe a little cold but Dylan certainly had fun on a rented snowboard and Quinn was just starting to get the hang of skiing by the end of the day.
Sunday, we had a dilemma. We had scheduled Quinn’s birthday party weeks in advance and didn’t know that the Canadians would be in the gold medal round of the Olympic Hockey Tournament! Doh! So we had Quinn’s party right in the middle of the hockey game. we listened to the radio all along (with Dylan watching on TV and keeping us updated) and we made the kids stop and watch the
game for the last few minutes.
Now it’s Monday. And the same thing starts all over again…

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