D.C. Again

May 25th, 2007 by Terry

The three of use flew to DC for Brady’s graduation. Honours convocation was held outside…quite pleasant…gadzillions of high achievers…some of these kids can’t ever sleep….Brady sleeps, but at odd hours…then the next day the Graduation itself…gymnasium full of millions of relieved parents, and seemingly endless numbers of graduates (aside, they didn’t do it in alphabetical order…always a relief to us Williamsons….every time I graduated anything (yes, Scott, I did graduate something), most of the crowd had wandered off by the time they got to the W’s….I think they’re looking for the free food…anyhow, pictures of this odd event are on Viv’s Flickr site….then we ate at Chipotle’s (a chain of cheap Mexican fast food outlets) which Brady loves…(not your traditional post graduation extravaganza, but cheap)….

Trip was good …great flights on Midwest Airlines which features 2 across, leather seating and warm chocolate chip cookies….only problem, we got to Reagan airport, and Viv suddenly realized that she had ‘changed her purse” and left her keys to her brother’s apartment behind!!!…he wasn’t in DC at the time…crisis, since hotel rooms were scarce because of multiple graduations etc…thanks to the miracle of cell phones, she got in touch with him, and he had a spare set of keys in his office desk…several sweaty minutes later, he had managed to get someone to take the keys to security….remember in DC on Friday at 3 PM, finding someone at work in any government office is a miracle…then all we had to do was schlepp all our luggage through the Metro at rush hour , then walk several blocks to his office, then schlepp back to the Metro, then……..well, it worked out ok (thanks Albert!)

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  1. Ian Says:

    Sounds good. Congrats again to Brady! Your airport adventure sounds like something I would have to go through! (And great pictures too!)…

    Did someone paint the cottage?

  2. Scott (the aged and sexy) Says:

    well done mate!

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