May 29th, 2007 by Terry

Brady’s been accepted by the Peace Corps for a stint in Kazakhstan (Kaz to the PC people). He’s gonna be working in some kind of business or community development thing….so instead of the classic PC person in scrubby shorts and t shirt, he’s gonna hafta wear a suit! ha!
He flies to Almaty on August 21(the old capital, new one is Astana)…training for 3 months in-country(intensive Russian and Kazakh language stuff, stuff on whatever he’s gonna be doing) then off to his isolated post wherever. Its the sixth largest country (I think) in area, but mostly steppe(Saskatchewan, methinks). There are mountains in the east (on the China border) and southeast (Kyrgyz border).
More as it evolves…..


  1. Ian Says:

    Wahoo! THAT’LL be something to tell the grandkids about, no?! How does Brady feel about that? How do YOU guys feel about that? Will he have any internet access?

  2. Terry Says:

    We’re both thrilled, especially me. He’s happy and relieved, as well as reasonably nervous about some components of the experience. He will likely have dial-up internet, though no guarantee…he may end up in a smaller place without it. He won’t know where he’s going until he’s there and has completed the three months.

  3. Scott Says:

    Its a country? I thought it was a skin condition …. you know one of those things people don;t talk about. Nah great stuff, were very proud of him!

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