Short Lived Burst of Enthusiasm!

June 16th, 2007 by Ian

As I stated earlier, I have everything for the bathroom renovation, tub is in, vanity ready, etc. So, I ripped the soapdish off the wall in a motivational, “Now I have to finish it” move, went to Home Depot to pickup the tub, and guess what?

I’m siliconing the soapdish back in.

George and I got the tub home to find it had been dropped in transit — one corner completely smashed. Sigh. At least I get free delivery when it comes again.

And, that puts off my bathroom renovations for at least two weeks. The new “expected arrival date” is July 1. After the livingroom furnature fiasco, I’m not holding my breath. NOTHING is coming out of that bathroom until I SEE the tub in it’s complete, UNSMASHED, glory.

Damn it.

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