Trying Times…

August 26th, 2007 by Ian

Shelley’s away in Saskatoon with Quinn, and while you’d think I enjoyed having the house to myself, it gets awful quiet.  Dylan is hardly ever around … just me and my renovations — and of course my REGULAR JOB.

We’re getting there — slowly:

  • The basement is almost complete.  Just a little touching up of things that aren’t quite right (small jobs — touch up paint, fix a particular mess left by the contractor — I’ll detail that later — and install a closet door) and the baseboards.  We need to buy a little more furniture too, to get the TV off the floor, but it’s within sight.
  • The bathroom is ready for tile (except the tile we wanted to use has been discontinued, so I need to locate them some first — or pick a new one), the tub is in (but it has a leak, so I need to get the company to send a plumber — if it fails after THEY fix it,THEY’RE on the hook), so I’ve been drywalling and tiling flange’ing, and spackling.  I forgot to mention that plumbing was HELL this time.  I COULDN’T get things to not leak, so I ended up taking the whole thing apart starting fresh.  I think the key was a pipe thread sealant supplied by a friend called — ZWAK.  Wonderful stuff.  No leaks!
  • Shelley has been painting. She’s painted the garage door and the fireplace brick in the family room.  Both jobs look great, but we’ve decided we need a different picture hung on the fireplace now since the brick is about the same colour as the picture.  It disappears.  We need CONTRAST!

I’m just tired of the renovations.  I want them to be done.  And I’m gonna WHINE until they ARE done!  Weee!  Weee!  Weee!  Weee!

Ah well.  School’s coming soon, then there will be a whole NEW set of stresses and annoyances.  Hope everyone has had a good summer!

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  1. Scott (the aged and sexy) Says:

    Boy do you sound more than a little stressed lad.

    How is the new TV and are you going to put a few pictures up on the wall??

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