UAV Project

September 23rd, 2007 by Scott

What do people do for fun? Well to keep my brain interested I’ve been designing and building a smallish Unmanned Aerial Vehical (UAV). The plan is to make a big RC plane with 3 m wingspan, a weedeater engine and then put a camera in it … and then put a GPS based auto pilot in it (and I’m counting on Ian to show me the way). It should be an interesting problem to work through. I have a large (just under 2 m) wingspan trainer (needing less than one hour to be ready to fly) so i’ll use that in the first instance and then move up to the bigger plane … weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Any comments thoughts ideas?

Otherwise spring is coming wiht the soft leaves already out, the last of the daff’s finishing off and just that sense of real fecundity in the air. Leigh and I planted 5 plots of about five square meters each of mixed wildflowers with the hope of seeing which ones work the best. We did it in the little triangular bit down at the bottom. i’ve been spraying and beating back the weeds for a year or two. We’re trialing three differnt ideas, tweo of mixed wildflowers and one of mexican daisies as a possibel contenders.

What is the news of you the dreat unwashed>?

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  1. Terry Says:

    Why stop at unmanned?? New Zealand could be next in line for a real aerospace industry.

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