Harvest time starting …

February 18th, 2008 by Scott

hey ho people We’re just getting started o the harvest season (so I want to brag about it) we’re looking to a HUGE harvest of hazelnuts, the honey is pouring in and the apples are having an up year with HUGE crops. The veggie garden is producing to peopel worth of bbeans every day .. day in day out … yummy fresh beans and salad greens. Leigh is going well and Sam heads back to university next week. My frenzy never changes.

Oh we bought a new car for leigh .. a Mazda 2 … zoom zoom

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  1. Ian Says:

    Excellent. I’m jealous. It has warmed up here, so we’re in that awful state of everything melting and getting soupy, cars covered in road salt and muck, squishy lawns, plugged street sewers….you know.

    Nice enough, but kind gross in the same breath.

  2. Ian Says:


    Car pics! Still waiting on your other pictures too…..I don’t even remember what they were, I’ll have to look at back posts!

    My Honda’s lease is up in May and I need to either buy it out or flip it for a new….something. Anyone have any pointers? I’m pretty happy with the Honda, but the Toyota we have has also been pretty good. Maoybe a Camry? I don’t know. I’m not smitten by the new Honda Civics though.

    My criteria are…

    A little sporty, but good on mileage.

    Pretty simple eh?

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