Getting Back

December 4th, 2008 by Scott

Now then my fine family .. I have much to update you all on:

1) My eyes are healing well and the surgery is a fantastic sucess. No dry eyes, no infections amnd the blurred vision getting better every week ….. its just absolutley amazing …. amazing I tell you. Best $5k I ever spent.

2) Sam is out of Thailand and in Malysia now. No trouble at all as they flew out of a regional airport. His trvelling companion got homesick and semi-abandoned him so Sam met up with a fellow we met in Veitnam (also named Sam) and as luck would have it Sam is going to acompany Sam on a business trip around Malysia, staying in 5 star hotels ect .. all on the company Sam works for. Its eems to have turned out well. We meet Sam in a fortnight at our chirstmas destination.

3) We are having a traditional kiwi christmas in Perth Australia … Yup 19 -28 December in Perth … it is going to be a HOOT. Hot as blazes, nice beaches, good wine … “just chuck another prawn on the barbie mate and crack us a tinny” ahhhhhhhhh 4 days near Margarite river then the rest in Perth City. Jealous or WHAT????

4) I got a hold of of a slide/negative scanner and started to digitize some of my slides. I’d like to print some of them and show them around. I have a few good ones. Its been fun going through them and tarting them up.

Otherwise tieam its a good and busy season with lots on the go.

What news views have yous?

2 Responses to “Getting Back”

  1. Ian Says:

    Where you been?! I was just about to send you an email and see if you were still alive.

    1) Excellent. Shelley would also agree I think. My eyes aren’t bad enough to bother.
    2) I had been chatting with Sam a bit about how he was getting out of there. Good to hear!
    3) I’m jealous. We’re having most of the Williamson/Spence clan at our house this Christmas and it will undoubtedly be -30C and we’ll all be trapped inside!
    4) Put them in the gallery!

  2. Terry Says:

    Just mildly………………..jealous…………..

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