Perth here we come

December 16th, 2008 by Scott


Soon … very soon we leave for Perth, the most remote major city on the planet to luxuriate in 35-40 heat, swim in the Indian ocean, drink cheap yet oh so good Australian wine … and slap some prawns on the barbie mate …..


Freeze suckers freeze!

4 Responses to “Perth here we come”

  1. Joan Says:

    Way to rub it in!!! Bah humbug!!

  2. Terry Says:

    Maybe we prefer to freeze rather than be assaulted by that relentless Australian sun, beating down on our pale northern European flesh and creating little irregular black masses which may be considered concerning by dermatologists. And that Indian Ocean, rife with venomous pests, various gooky jellyfish, sharks of immense proportion whose only interest in grabbing your leg and ripping it off at the hip, stonefish whose sting kills you even before you enter the water. Ahhh and that wine…that causes heartburn. I bet you can’t get the New York Times Sunday edition in Perth…probably. Don’t choke on them prawns, mate.

  3. Joan Says:

    Terry–you know you’d love to be there too!!

  4. Terry Says:

    Ha, Joan…you are SO wrong!..Its 10 degrees F below with a pleasant balmy wind blasting in from the north. The roads are drifting over, we’ve got 15 inches of snow on the ground, my car probably won’t start…why would I want to be in western Australia?

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